Industrial Networking Gateways


Diamond Technologies has extensive experience with Industrial Networking Gateways.  We carry a diverse selection of gateway products that give your devices access to all major fieldbus and industrial Ethernet networks.  We offer HMS Industrial Networks’ Anybus line of Communicator and Gateway products and Master Simulators, as well as our own DT7000 and DT9000 series of industrial network gateways.

  • CAN Gateways

    Access to CAN networks via other communication systems

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    Connect non-networked devices to all major industrial networks

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    DT7000 Gateway

    Easily bridge multiple serial devices into a machine’s Fieldbus network

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  • DT9000 Master Gateway

    DT9000 Master Gateway for testing your industrial network and industrial network slave devices….

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    Master Simulators

    Easy to use tools for setup and testing of Slave/Adapters

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    X Gateways

    Network to network gateways

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