X Gateways

Anybus X-Gateways are network to network gateways that allow you to easily connect different industrial networks or PLC systems, hassle-free.  With more than 300 individual Master and Slave versions, Anybus X-gateways allow you to connect almost any possible combination of industrial networks.

tn_ABX DeviceNet Master - PROFIBUS DP Slave

The product family supports over 20 different fieldbus and industrial Ethernet networks such as Profibus, DeviceNet, CANopen, CC-Link and Modbus as well as Industrial Ethernet versions such as Profinet, EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP and EtherCAT.

The Anybus X family is divided into three main categories:

  • Anybus X-gateway (Classic) – Network to network gateways
  • Anybus X-gateway CANopen – CANopen to 10 other networks
  • Anybus X-gateway Modbus TCP – Modbus TCP Master to other networks



Part Number Network 1 Network 2
AB7300 CANopen Master EtherCAT Slave
AB7301 CANopen Master Profibus Slave
AB7302 CANopen Master DeviceNet Adapter/Slave
AB7303 CANopen Master ControlNet Adapter/Slave
AB7304 CANopen Master CANopen Slave
AB7305 CANopen Master Modbus RTU Slave
AB7306 CANopen Master EtherNet/IP Adapter/Slave Dual Port
AB7307 CANopen Master PROFINET I/O Slave
AB7308 CANopen Master Modbus/TCP Slave Dual Port
AB7309 CANopen Master PROFINET IRT Slave
AB7620 Modbus RTU Slave Modbus Plus Slave
AB7621 Modbus RTU Slave CC-Link Slave
AB7623 Modbus Plus Slave Modbus Plus Slave
AB7624 Modbus Plus Slave CC-Link Slave
AB7625 Modbus Plus Slave LonWorks
AB7626 CC-Link Slave CC-Link Slave
AB7627 CC-Link Slave LonWorks
AB7628 LonWorks LonWorks
AB7629 PROFIBUS Master Modbus/TCP Slave
AB7630 DeviceNet Scanner/Master Modbus/TCP Slave
AB7631 AS-Interface Master Modbus/TCP Slave
AB7632 EtherNet/IP Adapter/Slave Modbus/TCP Slave
AB7633 Modbus/TCP Slave Modbus/TCP Slave
AB7634 Modbus/TCP Slave PROFIBUS Slave
AB7635 Modbus/TCP Slave DeviceNet Adapter/Slave
AB7636 Modbus/TCP Slave ControlNet Adapter/Slave
AB7637 Modbus/TCP Slave FIP IO Slave
AB7638 Modbus/TCP Slave Interbus Slave
AB7639 Modbus/TCP Slave Interbus Fiber Optic Slave
AB7640 Modbus/TCP Slave CANopen Slave
AB7641 Modbus/TCP Slave Modbus RTU Slave
AB7642 Modbus/TCP Slave Modbus Plus Slave
AB7643 Modbus/TCP Slave CC-Link Slave
AB7644 Modbus/TCP Slave LonWorks
AB7647 PROFINET I/O Slave DeviceNet Scanner/Master
AB7648 PROFINET I/O Slave AS-Interface Master
AB7649 PROFINET I/O Slave EtherNet/IP Adapter/Slave
AB7650 PROFINET I/O Slave Modbus/TCP Slave
AB7653 PROFINET I/O Slave DeviceNet Adapter/Slave
AB7654 PROFINET I/O Slave ControlNet Adapter/Slave
AB7655 PROFINET I/O Slave FIP IO Slave
AB7656 PROFINET I/O Slave Interbus Slave
AB7657 PROFINET I/O Slave Interbus Fiber Optic Slave
AB7658 PROFINET I/O Slave CANopen Slave
AB7659 PROFINET I/O Slave Modbus RTU Slave
AB7660 PROFINET I/O Slave Modbus Plus Slave
AB7661 PROFINET I/O Slave CC-Link Slave
AB7662 PROFINET I/O Slave LonWorks
AB7663 DeviceNet Scanner/Master PROFIBUS Slave
AB7668 EtherNet/IP Scanner/Master EtherNet/IP Adapter/Slave
AB7669 EtherNet/IP Scanner/Master Modbus/TCP Slave
AB7670 EtherNet/IP Scanner/Master PROFINET I/O Slave
AB7671 EtherNet/IP Scanner/Master PROFIBUS Slave
AB7672 EtherNet/IP Scanner/Master DeviceNet Adapter/Slave
AB7673 EtherNet/IP Scanner/Master ControlNet Adapter/Slave
AB7674 EtherNet/IP Scanner/Master FIP IO Slave
AB7675 EtherNet/IP Scanner/Master Interbus Slave
AB7676 EtherNet/IP Scanner/Master Interbus Fiber Optic Slave
AB7677 EtherNet/IP Scanner/Master CANopen Slave
AB7678 EtherNet/IP Scanner/Master Modbus RTU Slave
AB7679 EtherNet/IP Scanner/Master Modbus Plus Slave
AB7680 EtherNet/IP Scanner/Master CC-Link Slave
AB7682 EtherCAT Slave EtherNet/IP Adapter/Slave
AB7684 EtherCAT Slave PROFINET I/O Slave
AB7685 EtherCAT Slave PROFIBUS Slave
AB7686 EtherCAT Slave DeviceNet Adapter/Slave
AB7687 EtherCAT Slave ControlNet Adapter/Slave
AB7688 EtherCAT Slave FIP IO Slave
AB7689 EtherCAT Slave Interbus Slave
AB7690 EtherCAT Slave Interbus Fiber Optic Slave
AB7691 EtherCAT Slave CANopen Slave
AB7692 EtherCAT Slave Modbus RTU Slave
AB7693 EtherCAT Slave Modbus Plus Slave
AB7694 EtherCAT Slave CC-Link Slave
AB7695 EtherCAT Slave LonWorks
AB7696 EtherCAT Slave PROFIBUS Master
AB7697 EtherCAT Slave DeviceNet Scanner/Master
AB7698 EtherCAT Slave AS-Interface Master
AB7699 EtherCAT Slave EtherNet/IP Scanner/Master
AB7800 PROFIBUS Master EtherNet/IP Adapter/Slave
AB7802 PROFIBUS Master DeviceNet Adapter/Slave
AB7803 PROFIBUS Master ControlNet Adapter/Slave
AB7804 PROFIBUS Master FIP IO Slave
AB7805 PROFIBUS Master Interbus Slave
AB7806 PROFIBUS Master Interbus Fiber Optic Slave
AB7807 PROFIBUS Master CANopen Slave
AB7808 PROFIBUS Master Modbus RTU Slave
AB7809 PROFIBUS Master Modbus Plus Slave
AB7810 PROFIBUS Master CC-Link Slave
AB7811 DeviceNet Scanner/Master DeviceNet Adapter/Slave
AB7812 DeviceNet Scanner/Master ControlNet Adapter/Slave
AB7813 DeviceNet Scanner/Master FIP IO Slave
AB7814 DeviceNet Scanner/Master Interbus Slave
AB7815 DeviceNet Scanner/Master Interbus Fiber Optic Slave
AB7816 DeviceNet Scanner/Master CANopen Slave
AB7817 DeviceNet Scanner/Master Modbus RTU Slave
AB7818 DeviceNet Scanner/Master Modbus Plus Slave
AB7819 DeviceNet Scanner/Master CC-Link Slave
AB7820 AS-interface Master EtherNet/IP Adapter/Slave
AB7821 AS-interface Master PROFIBUS Slave
AB7822 AS-interface Master DeviceNet Adapter/Slave
AB7823 AS-interface Master ControlNet Adapter/Slave
AB7824 AS-interface Master FIP IO Slave
AB7825 AS-interface Master Interbus Slave
AB7826 AS-interface Master Interbus Fiber Optic Slave
AB7827 AS-interface Master CANopen Slave
AB7828 AS-interface Master Modbus RTU Slave
AB7829 AS-interface Master Modbus Plus Slave
AB7830 AS-interface Master CC-Link Slave
AB7831 EtherNet/IP Adapter/Slave EtherNet/IP Adapter/Slave
AB7832 EtherNet/IP Adapter/Slave PROFIBUS Slave
AB7833 EtherNet/IP Adapter/Slave DeviceNet Adapter/Slave
AB7834 EtherNet/IP Adapter/Slave ControlNet Adapter/Slave
AB7835 EtherNet/IP Adapter/Slave FIP IO Slave
AB7836 EtherNet/IP Adapter/Slave Interbus Slave
AB7837 EtherNet/IP Adapter/Slave Interbus Fiber Optic Slave
AB7838 EtherNet/IP Adapter/Slave CANopen Slave
AB7839 EtherNet/IP Adapter/Slave Modbus RTU Slave
AB7840 Eth+B169erNet/IP Adapter/Slave Modbus Plus Slave
AB7841 EtherNet/IP Adapter/Slave CC-Link Slave
AB7842 EtherNet/IP Adapter/Slave LonWorks
AB7844 PROFIBUS Slave DeviceNet Adapter/Slave
AB7845 PROFIBUS Slave ControlNet Adapter/Slave
AB7846 PROFIBUS Slave FIP IO Slave
AB7847 PROFIBUS Slave Interbus Slave
AB7848 PROFIBUS Slave Interbus Fiber Optic Slave
AB7849 PROFIBUS Slave CANopen Slave
AB7850 PROFIBUS Slave Modbus RTU Slave
AB7851 PROFIBUS Slave Modbus Plus Slave
AB7852 PROFIBUS Slave CC-Link Slave
AB7853 PROFIBUS Slave LonWorks
AB7854 DeviceNet Adapter/Slave DeviceNet Adapter/Slave
AB7855 DeviceNet Adapter/Slave ControlNet Adapter/Slave
AB7856 DeviceNet Adapter/Slave FIP IO Slave
AB7857 DeviceNet Adapter/Slave Interbus Slave
AB7858 DeviceNet Adapter/Slave Interbus Fiber Optic Slave
AB7859 DeviceNet Adapter/Slave CANopen Slave
AB7860 DeviceNet Adapter/Slave Modbus RTU Slave
AB7861 DeviceNet Adapter/Slave Modbus Plus Slave
AB7862 DeviceNet Adapter/Slave CC-Link Slave
AB7863 DeviceNet Adapter/Slave LonWorks
AB7864 ControlNet Adapter/Slave ControlNet Adapter/Slave
AB7865 ControlNet Adapter/Slave FIP IO Slave
AB7866 ControlNet Adapter/Slave Interbus Slave
AB7867 ControlNet Adapter/Slave Interbus Fiber Optic Slave
AB7868 ControlNet Adapter/Slave CANopen Slave
AB7869 ControlNet Adapter/Slave Modbus RTU Slave
AB7870 ControlNet Adapter/Slave Modbus Plus Slave
AB7871 ControlNet Adapter/Slave CC-Link Slave
AB7872 ControlNet Adapter/Slave LonWorks
AB7873 FIP IO Slave FIP IO Slave
AB7874 FIP IO Slave Interbus Slave
AB7875 FIP IO Slave Interbus Fiber Optic Slave
AB7876 FIP IO Slave CANopen Slave
AB7877 FIP IO Slave Modbus RTU Slave
AB7878 FIP IO Slave Modbus Plus Slave
AB7879 FIP IO Slave CC-Link Slave
AB7880 FIP IO Slave LonWorks
AB7881 Interbus Slave Interbus Slave
AB7882 Interbus Slave Interbus Fiber Optic Slave
AB7883 Interbus Slave CANopen Slave
AB7884 Interbus Slave Modbus RTU Slave
AB7885 Interbus Slave Modbus Plus Slave
AB7886 Interbus Slave CC-Link Slave
AB7887 Interbus Slave LonWorks
AB7888 Interbus Fiber Optic Slave Interbus Fiber Optic Slave
AB7889 Interbus Fiber Optic Slave CANopen Slave
AB7890 Interbus Fiber Optic Slave Modbus RTU Slave
AB7891 Interbus Fiber Optic Slave Modbus Plus Slave
AB7892 Interbus Fiber Optic Slave CC-Link Slave
AB7893 Interbus Fiber Optic Slave LonWorks
AB7894 CANopen Slave CANopen Slave
AB7895 CANopen Slave Modbus RTU Slave
AB7896 CANopen Slave Modbus Plus Slave
AB7897 CANopen Slave CC-Link Slave
AB7898 CANopen Slave LonWorks
AB7899 Modbus RTU Slave Modbus RTU Slave
AB7900 EtherCAT Slave EtherCAT Slave
AB7901 EtherCAT Slave Modbus/TCP Slave
AB7914 PROFINET IRT Slave Interbus Slave
AB7915 PROFINET IRT Slave CANopen Slave
AB7940 Profinet IRT Slave DeviceNet Slave
AB7941 Profinet IRT Slave ControlNet Slave
AB7942 Profinet IRT Slave EtherNet/IP Slave
AB7943 Profinet IRT Slave FO CANopen Slave
AB7944 Profinet IRT Slave FO Profibus Slave
AB9000 Modbus TCP Client EtherCAT Slave
AB9001 Modbus TCP Client Profibus Slave
AB9002 Modbus TCP Client DeviceNet Adapter/Slave
AB9003 Modbus TCP Client ControlNet Adapter/Slave
AB9004 Modbus TCP Client CANopen Slave
AB9005 Modbus TCP Client Modbus RTU Slave
AB9006 Modbus TCP Client EtherNet/IP Adapter/Slave Dual Port
AB9007 Modbus TCP Client PROFINET I/O Slave
AB9008 Modbus TCP Client Modbus/TCP Slave Dual Port
AB9009 Modbus TCP Client CC-Link Slave

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