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Remote Management Software

For manufacturers of remote industrial equipment and their end users, remote service capability is essential to improving uptime and reducing costs through fewer, more productive field service visits.

Diamond Technologies provides the most advanced cloud-based connectivity and software for managing connected products and machines using Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) applications.  This technology turns machine data into valuable information for optimizing business processes and equipment performance to improve profitability.

Our customers who prefer an external hosting service use the Axeda Machine Cloud™ and remote management applications.  All data monitoring plus other features such as trending, alarming, reporting, custom dashboards and remote equipment software upgrades are managed via web-based applications that are secure and completely scalable.

Axeda Machine Cloud is compatible with the Diamond Technologies DT9000 M2M PC Gateways.

For customers who want to host their own data, Diamond Technologies offers Live Data Cloud as part of the OPC Systems.NET product suite.  Live Data Cloud provides you the ability to host live data for any number of data sources and clients with a standard Internet connection from anywhere in the world.  A dedicated Internet server at the data source is no longer needed.  Any PC connected to the Internet can host your real-time and historical data.

Monitoring, trending, reporting and alarming are optional features that can be easily added to the OPC Systems.NET product suite.

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    Live Data Cloud

    Live Data Cloud provides you the ability to host live data with a standard Internet connection

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