OPC Systems Live Data Cloud

Live Data Cloud

Live Data Cloud provides you the ability to host live data with a standard Internet connection from anywhere in the world for any number of data sources and clients. No longer do you need a dedicated Internet server at the data source to host your own real-time and historical data. Almost every PC in the world has the ability to connect to the Internet, which is all that is required to host data with OPCSystems.NET / Complete SCADA.

Client Applications
  • HMI – Real-time Visualization
  • Data Logging to SQL Server, Oracle, Access, mySQL and CSV files.
  • Trending – Real-time and historical
  • Alarming – Real-time and historical
  • Alarm Notification via E-Mail
  • Alarm Logging to SQL Server, Oracle, Access, mySQL and CSV files.
  • Read values from SQL Server, Oracle, Access, and mySQL.
  • OPC Server to OPC Server data transfer
  • OPC Clients – Read and Write
  • Microsoft Excel – Read and Write
  • Programmatic data access for .NET applications
  • Programmatic configuration for .NET applications
  • 100 % managed .NET components for WPF, WinForm, Web, and Windows Services
  • Unlimited number of client applications
  • User security at each data source for secure transport
  • Free connection to OPC Servers
  • Free calculation engine



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