OPC Route.Net allows you to transfer data from local and remote OPC Servers to other local and remote OPC Servers. You cantn_header_route implement one-to-one, one-to many, and, using built in Calculations, many-to-one, OPC Item data transfer. Product implements .NET Remoting to transfer data from multiple OPC Systems Windows Services, which eliminates the need to use the DCOM Configurator for remote OPC Server access. It runs as a Windows Service and comes with free configuration application to allow online modifications from local or remote systems. Activates Windows Service for local and remote OPC Server connections.


  • Configure both local and remote OPC Systems Service configurations manually, with CSV Export and Import, or programmatically from your own application.
  • Control and modify Tag, Data Logging, Alarm Logging, Alarm Notification, Recipe, Report, and Security configurations along with and Options from your own application!
  • Unlimited remote clients.
  • Implement Smart Client deployment with 100% managed components.
  • Use Visual Studio 2012, 2010, 2008, and Expression Blend 4 to create your own applications.
  • Extremely fast data update with very low CPU usage.
  • Very cost effective solutions for both individual and corporate users.
  • Perfect solution for OEMs to create their own SCADA / HMI software to package with their systems.
  • Fast development time with no code required.
  • Easy setup of trending, alarming, data logging, reports, recipe management, and security in central configuration.
  • Use your own data from .NET applications. 


  • Transfer data from any local or remote OPC Server to one or multiple local OPC Servers.
  • Use Calculations as data source to create real-time equations and transfer results back to OPC Servers.
  • Implements .NET Remoting to greatly simplify remote data transfer from system to system.
  • Use multiple OPC Systems Windows Services to build a complete network of data transfer system and connect each Service to local OPC Servers, thus simplifying network administration and eliminating DCOM configuration.
  • Runs as a Windows Service.
  • Support on-line modification for all properties, so no interruption of data transfer is required during configuration.
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