Product Description

tn_Green Lase ImageThe Green Lase family offers 4W and 10W DPSS laser marking sources at 532 nm operating on the Lase platform, and uses SHG in an intra-cavity architecture which maximizes LBO non-linear crystal conversion efficiency. The Green Lase offer all the advantages of Datalogic Automation’s Lase Platform such as air cooling, standard compact design, continuous and precise power control and low power consumption. The Green Lase guarantees very high beam quality and is distinguished by long term power stability as well as by pulse-to-pulse stability.

The Green Lase is available both in Marking as well as in an OEM configuration.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy integration and configuration
  • High reliability
  • Lower “heat affected zone”
  • Ideal solution for PCB marking
  • Excellent marking results on semiconductors and silicon
  • Excellent marking on materials such as non-doped plastics not interacting with IR
  • State-of-the art marking kit including user friendly marking software


Part Number Description
985110701 VLASE 2044-1030 DPSS GR System 4W BEX 4X w/out F
985110703 VLASE 2044-1330 DPSS GR System 4W BEX 4X with F-160S
985110603 VLASE 2042-0000 DPSS GR Source 4W BEX2X Source
985110601 VLASE 2044-0000 DPSS GR Source 4W BEX4X Source
985110607 VLASE 2049-0000 DPSS GR Source 4W BEX9X Source
985110902 VLASE 2104-1030 DPSS GR System 10W BEX4X  w/out F
985110904 VLASE 2104-1330 DPSS GR System 10W BEX 4X with F-160S
985110801 VLASE 2102-0000 DPSS GR Source 10W BEX 2X Source
985110800 VLASE 2104-0000 DPSS GR Source 10W BEX 4X Source
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