Industrial Handheld Readers

Industrial handheld scanners are built to withstand harsh conditions and heavy use in even the most challenging working tn_PLP-PM8300DK-DSART-JPGenvironments.  We offer a wide range of durable, reliable readers with the latest data capture technology.  These rugged scanners are useful in a wide range of applications, from warehouses and manufacturing facilities to outdoor applications, and are built to last with outstanding performance and unyielding reliability.

  • PowerScan 7000

    Datalogic value line of rugged industrial handheld scanners 2D corded

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    PowerScan 7100 Series

    7100 Series value line of rugged industrial handheld scanners 1D corded and cordless

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    PowerScan 8300

    8300 Series laser scanners offer a range of options and features for corded and cordless 1D scanning

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  • PowerScan PM9500

    ADC’s premium line of rugged industrial handheld data collection 2D cordless imager

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    PowerScan 9500

    Latest generation of 2D rugged corded area imager high performance

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    PowerScan DPM

    High Performance 2D rugged direct part mark reading imager corded

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  • DS3500 Series

    Motorola corded and cordless industrial rugged 2D omni readers

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    3800i Series

    Honeywell rugged industrial corded and cordless 2d imagers

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