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Once upon a time, overseeing your manufacturing facility meant walking the line with a clipboard in hand.  Those days are long over.  In today’s industrial environment, a well-connected, reliable network is critical for the smooth flow of control and information that makes modern companies profitable.

The experts at Diamond Technologies specialize in industrial networking.  As one of North America’s largest suppliers of the HMS Anybus® line of embedded and gateway solutions, we can offer you connectivity for your device to over 20 industrial networks with a single development effort.  Or if getting it done ASAP is your top priority, we’ll supply special hardware designed for rapid integration that can get your equipment connected up to ten times faster than standard embedded networking components.  We also provide a full line of self-contained and embedded options for reliable wireless connectivity.

Partnering with Diamond Technologies for your industrial networking needs gives you a leg up on the competition.  Our expertise enables customers to broaden their market and connect devices in any network environment with agility – a critical capability for any system integrator or machine builder operating globally or locally.

OEMs, SIs and end users alike save design, installation and commissioning time by relying on our engineering team of network specialists for integration services, hardware and firmware design, application programming, network site surveys, consulting services and device installation and configuration. We have helped hundreds of companies to interconnect devices on all major industrial protocols including PROFIBUS®, DeviceNetTM, EtherNet/IPTM, Modbus TCP, CANopen®, Modbus RTU, ControlNetTM, Modbus PlusTM, Bluetooth® and wireless LAN.

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