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A data collection system from Diamond Technologies can help you achieve greater efficiency and productivity than ever before in your warehouse, production line, laboratory or hospital.

A top data collection supplier does more than just provide a box of parts.  From selection, installation and cabling to configuration, programming and integration into your existing systems, you can count on us for full service and assistance at each step along the way.

Careful selection of the right data collection technologies and products for your environment and application is essential for optimizing performance, return on investment and total cost of ownership.  Whether it’s for use in your warehouse, at your manufacturing facility or in your customer’s facility, our in-house experts can help you find the best match to your business needs for a reliable, cost-effective solution.

Our experienced software group can help you get up and running quickly and easily with one of our off-the-shelf data collection software options or through software we design specifically for your application.

The result:  Diamond Technologies solutions are tailored to each customer’s needs so that your various technologies (barcode readers, RFID, vision inspection equipment and software) work together seamlessly in a total data collection system that improves productivity while controlling costs.

OEMs enjoy many time-saving and cost-saving advantages from a partnership with Diamond Technologies, including:

  • integration of data collection equipment with our DT7000 embedded gateways
  • maintained OEM inventory for just-in-time delivery
  • pre-programmed barcode, RFID or embedded data collection components
  • OEM labeling
  • custom cables, product housings and mounting hardware

End users can use our expertise to:

  • increase throughput through the warehouse
  • improve productivity and ergonomics for mobile workers
  • reduce shipping and packaging errors
  • increase product traceability through manufacturing processes
  • reduce human error in data entry
  • prevent costly damage to machine tools, molds and dies due to improper selection/matching
  • enhance regulatory compliance via improved visibility/traceability

Our engineers have optimized solutions for OEMs and end users in many diverse applications and industries such as:

  • high-speed data collection
  • inventory/receiving
  • baggage handling
  • distribution and logistics
  • power and power backup systems
  • work in process tracking/parts tracking
  • conveyor sortation
  • material handling
  • automated warehousing
  • manufacturing applications
  • medical equipment and lab automation
  • validating medical samples for testing
  • picking systems
  • assembly equipment
  • self-service kiosks and vending machines
  • document handling
  • packaging

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