Terminal Blocks and Connectors

Terminal Blocks and Connectors

The goal is simple:  you want your electrical connections to be made quickly and easily and not come loose.  Ever.

Any plant engineer who has spent hours troubleshooting equipment and any OEM engineering manager who has had to fly a technician thousands of miles to fix a machine knows how costly and frustrating a single loose wire can be.

Diamond Technologies can help you save 50% of your wiring time while eliminating loose connections due to shock, vibration or temperature cycling.  Using CAGE CLAMP® spring pressure termination technology by WAGO, our terminal blocks and connectors provide a reliable, maintenance-free connection even without installation by highly-skilled electricians.

Accepting wire gauges from 000 to 28 AWG, the CAGE CLAMP system will accommodate all types of wire including solid, stranded, fine stranded, tinned, crimped ferrules and crimped pin terminals.  A good connection is made simply by inserting a screwdriver tip to open the clamp, feeding in the wire and releasing the clamp.  For some wire types and terminal blocks no tool is required at all.

CAGE CLAMP technology is used in a wide range of high-reliability applications to control elevators, ships, military equipment, trains and automotive manufacturing lines.

Sourcing your WAGO electrical connection systems from Diamond Technologies offers you many advantages.   Our in-house experts can be an extension of your engineering team, specifying the right components and designing the ideal wiring system for your application from over fifty thousand available part numbers.  We’ll design and build custom cables and pre-wired rail assemblies to save you build time.  We can even assist your engineers with tips and tricks on how to apply the products to further reduce your costs and time to market.

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