Total Plant Data Collection OPC Systems

Total Plant Data Collection OPC Systems

Diamond Technologies sells and support the OPC Systems.Net family of products. These products utilize OPC to integrate data from multiple data sources into one real-time networked database from OPC Servers, OPC Clients, .NET applications, and databases for SQL Server, Oracle, or Access. The products include a variety of tools to manipulate collected data including charting, reporting, and alarming.

The OPC Systems.NET product suite includes all 15 product features listed below. All product features include: Unlimited Client Applications, Free Connection to OPC Servers, Free Real-Time Calculation Engine, Free Programmatic Configuration, Free Online Training Videos, One Click Setup and Deployment, and Free Upgrades with Current Maintenance.  Choose your features to create the product that best suits your needs.


OPC SYSTEMS.NET comes in a variety of configurations based on the number of tags and number of features you require.  Build your product with anywhere from 100 to 1,000,000 tags and from just 1 to all 15 features.  Annual maintenance packages are also available.  Please contact Diamond for additional information, pricing and product availability.

OPC-SYS-NET-1F OPC Systems.Net 1 Feature
OPC-SYS-NET-3F OPC Systems.Net 3 Features
OPC-SYS-NET-5F OPC Systems.Net 5 Features
OPC-SYS-NET-15F OPC Systems.Net 15 Features


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