Light Curtains

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Diamond Technologies offers a broad range of safety light curtains, including the newest innovations from Datalogic, such as the new fully integrated SG4-14 EXTENDED series that perfectly combine the SAFEasy concept with applicative flexibility, reliability and performance. TOTALLY ZERO DEAD ZONE is the distinctive characteristic of all the models from 300 mm to 1800 mm of controlled and overall height SG4-14 EXTENDED series guarantees full application coverage thanks its integrated and configurable Cascade, Muting and Blanking functions all in the same part number.

All functions are selectable and configurable in 2 different ways:

  • Basic Configuration Mode (BCM): push buttons located on both TX and RX allow the user to configure the device in a very easy and quick way;
  • Advanced Configuration Mode (ACM): a GUI interface on PC communicate to the barrier through Ethernet and lead the customer through the configuration process step by step.

Features & Benefits

  • Type 2 & 4
  • As small as 14 mm Resolution
  • Zero Dead Zone versions
  • Up To 60 M Operating Distance
  • 150…1800 Mm Controlled Height
  • Basic Configuration Mode (BCM) Through Push-Buttons
  • Advanced Configuration Mode (ACM) Through GUI
  • CASCADE (No Differentiation Between Master And Slave Models)
  • Integrated MUTING Function
  • Integrated BLANKING Function
  • Accessory Dongle For: Configuration Cloning, Ethernet (TCP/IP connection), Remote Monitoring, Remote Programming


  • Automotive
  • Packaging
  • Metalworking
  • Woodworking
  • Electronics

SG14 Family

Ordering Codes Description
957901240 SG4-14-030-OO-P 14mm res PROGRAMMABLE
957901250 SG4-14-045-OO-P 14mm res PROGRAMMABLE
957901260 SG4-14-060-OO-P 14mm res PROGRAMMABLE
957901270 SG4-14-075-OO-P 14mm res PROGRAMMABLE
957901280 SG4-14-090-OO-P 14mm res PROGRAMMABLE
957901290 SG4-14-105-OO-P 14mm res PROGRAMMABLE
957901300 SG4-14-120-OO-P 14mm res PROGRAMMABLE
957901310 SG4-14-135-OO-P 14mm res PROGRAMMABLE
957901320 SG4-14-150-OO-P 14mm res PROGRAMMABLE
957901330 SG4-14-165-OO-P 14mm res PROGRAMMABLE
957901340 SG4-14-180-OO-P 14mm res PROGRAMMABLE
957901000 SG4-14-015-OO-E 14mm RES EDM
957901010 SG4-14-030-OO-E 14mm RES EDM
957901020 SG4-14-045-OO-E 14mm RES EDM
957901030 SG4-14-060-OO-E 14mm RES EDM
957901040 SG4-14-075-OO-E 14mm RES EDM
957901050 SG4-14-090-OO-E 14mm RES EDM
957901060 SG4-14-105-OO-E 14mm RES EDM
957901070 SG4-14-120-OO-E 14mm RES EDM
957901080 SG4-14-135-OO-E 14mm RES EDM
957901090 SG4-14-150-OO-E 14mm RES EDM
957901100 SG4-14-165-OO-E 14mm RES EDM
957901110 SG4-14-180-OO-E 14mm RES EDM

SG4-30 Family

Ordering Codes Description
957901350 SG4-30-030-OO-P 30mm res PROGRAMMABLE
957901360 SG4-30-045-OO-P 30mm res PROGRAMMABLE
957901370 SG4-30-060-OO-P 30mm res PROGRAMMABLE
957901380 SG4-30-075-OO-P 30mm res PROGRAMMABLE
957901390 SG4-30-090-OO-P 30mm res PROGRAMMABLE
957901400 SG4-30-105-OO-P 30mm res PROGRAMMABLE
957901410 SG4-30-120-OO-P 30mm res PROGRAMMABLE
957901420 SG4-30-135-OO-P 30mm res PROGRAMMABLE
957901430 SG4-30-150-OO-P 30mm res PROGRAMMABLE
957901440 SG4-30-165-OO-P 30mm res PROGRAMMABLE
957901450 SG4-30-180-OO-P 30mm res PROGRAMMABLE
957901120 SG4-30-015-OO-E 30mm RES EDM
957901130 SG4-30-030-OO-E 30mm RES EDM
957901140 SG4-30-045-OO-E 30mm RES EDM
957901150 SG4-30-060-OO-E 30mm RES EDM
957901160 SG4-30-075-OO-E 30mm RES EDM
957901170 SG4-30-090-OO-E 30mm RES EDM
957901180 SG4-30-105-OO-E 30mm RES EDM
957901190 SG4-30-120-OO-E 30mm RES EDM
957901200 SG4-30-135-OO-E 30mm RES EDM
957901210 SG4-30-150-OO-E 30mm RES EDM
957901220 SG4-30-165-OO-E 30mm RES EDM
957901230 SG4-30-180-OO-E 30mm RES EDM


Ordering Codes Description
957801700 SG2-30-030-OO-W 30mm res MUTING
957801710 SG2-30-045-OO-W 30mm res MUTING
957801720 SG2-30-060-OO-W 30mm res MUTING
957801730 SG2-30-075-OO-W 30mm res MUTING
957801740 SG2-30-090-OO-W 30mm res MUTING
957801750 SG2-30-105-OO-W 30mm res MUTING
957801760 SG2-30-120-OO-W 30mm res MUTING
957801770 SG2-30-135-OO-W 30mm res MUTING
957801780 SG2-30-150-OO-W 30mm res MUTING
957801790 SG2-30-165-OO-W 30mm res MUTING
957801800 SG2-30-180-OO-W 30mm res MUTING
957801000 SG2-30-015-OO-X 30mm res AUTO RESTART
957801010 SG2-30-030-OO-X 30mm res AUTO RESTART
957801020 SG2-30-045-OO-X 30mm res AUTO RESTART
957801030 SG2-30-060-OO-X 30mm res AUTO RESTART
957801040 SG2-30-075-OO-X 30mm res AUTO RESTART
957801050 SG2-30-090-OO-X 30mm res AUTO RESTART
957801060 SG2-30-105-OO-X 30mm res AUTO RESTART
957801070 SG2-30-120-OO-X 30mm res AUTO RESTART
957801080 SG2-30-135-OO-X 30mm res AUTO RESTART
957801090 SG2-30-150-OO-X 30mm res AUTO RESTART
957801100 SG2-30-165-OO-X 30mm res AUTO RESTART
957801110 SG2-30-180-OO-X 30mm res AUTO RESTART
957801340 SG2-30-015-OO-E-C 30mm res EDM Coded
957801350 SG2-30-030-OO-E-C 30mm res EDM Coded
957801360 SG2-30-045-OO-E-C 30mm res EDM Coded
957801370 SG2-30-060-OO-E-C 30mm res EDM Coded
957801380 SG2-30-075-OO-E-C 30mm res EDM Coded
957801390 SG2-30-090-OO-E-C 30mm res EDM Coded
957801400 SG2-30-105-OO-E-C 30mm res EDM Coded
957801410 SG2-30-120-OO-E-C 30mm res EDM Coded
957801420 SG2-30-135-OO-E-C 30mm res EDM Coded
957801430 SG2-30-150-OO-E-C 30mm res EDM Coded
957801440 SG2-30-165-OO-E-C 30mm res EDM Coded
957801450 SG2-30-180-OO-E-C 30mm res EDM Coded

SG2 Family

Ordering Codes Description
957851240 SG2-B2-050-OO-E
957851250 SG2-B3-080-OO-E
957851260 SG2-B4-090-OO-E
957851270 SG2-B4-120-OO-E
957851320 SG2-B2-050-OO-W-C
957851330 SG2-B3-080-OO-W-C
957851340 SG2-B4-090-OO-W-C
957851350 SG2-B4-120-OO-W-C
957851000 SG2-S2-050-PP-E
957851010 SG2-S3-080-PP-E
957851020 SG2-S4-090-PP-E
957851030 SG2-S4-120-PP-E
957851080 SG2-S2-050-PP-W
957851090 SG2-S3-080-PP-W
957851100 SG2-S4-090-PP-W
957851110 SG2-S4-120-PP-W
957851120 SG2-L2-050-PP-W
957851130 SG2-L3-080-PP-W
957851140 SG2-T2-050-PP-W
957851150 SG2-T3-080-PP-W

SG4 Family

Ordering Codes Description
957851280 SG4-B2-050-OO-E
957851290 SG4-B3-080-OO-E
957851300 SG4-B4-090-OO-E
957851310 SG4-B4-120-OO-E
957851570 SG4-40-060-OO-E
957851580 SG4-40-090-OO-E
957851590 SG4-40-120-OO-E
957851400 SG4-BSR2-050-OO-W-C
957851410 SG4-BSR3-080-OO-W-C
957851420 SG4-BSR4-090-OO-W-C
957851430 SG4-BSR4-120-OO-W-C
957851360 SG4-BLR2-050-OO-W-C
957851370 SG4-BLR3-080-OO-W-C
957851380 SG4-BLR4-090-OO-W-C
957851390 SG4-BLR4-120-OO-W-C
957951000 SG4-RB2-050-OO-E
957951010 SG4-RB3-080-OO-E
957951190 SG4-RB4-090-OO-E
957951020 SG4-RB4-120-OO-E
957951100 SG4-RDB2 (passive)
957951110 SG4-RDB3 (passive)
957951170 SG4-RDB4-090 (passive)
957951120 SG4-RDB4-120 (passive)
957851040 SG4-S2-050-PP-E
957851050 SG4-S3-080-PP-E
957851060 SG4-S4-090-PP-E
957851070 SG4-S4-120-PP-E
957851160 SG4-S2-050-PP-W
957851170 SG4-S3-080-PP-W
957851180 SG4-S4-090-PP-W
957851190 SG4-S4-120-PP-W
957851200 SG4-L2-050-PP-W
957851210 SG4-L3-080-PP-W
957851220 SG4-T2-050-PP-W
957851230 SG4-T3-080-PP-W

SE2 Body Family

Ordering Codes Description
957101110 SE2-P2-050-PP-W 500mm res pnp-pnp no-no
957101120 SE2-P3-080-PP-W 400mm res pnp-pnp no-no
957101130 SE2-P4-090-PP-W 300mm res pnp-pnp no-no
957101140 SE2-P4-120-PP-W 400mm res pnp-pnp no-no

SE4 Body Family

Ordering Codes Description
957201110 SE4-P2-050-PP-W 500mm res pnp-pnp no-no
957201120 SE4-P3-080-PP-W 400mm res pnp-pnp no-no
957201130 SE4-P4-090-PP-W 300mm res pnp-pnp no-no
957201140 SE4-P4-120-PP-W 400mm res pnp-pnp no-no
957201200 SE4-Q2-050-PP-W 500mm res pnp-pnp no-no
957201210 SE4-Q3-080-PP-W 400mm res pnp-pnp no-no
957201220 SE4-Q4-090-PP-W 300mm res pnp-pnp no-no
957201230 SE4-Q4-120-PP-W 400mm res pnp-pnp no-no

SG2-50 Family

Ordering Codes Description
957801120 SG2-50-030-OO-X 50mm res AUTO RESTART
957801130 SG2-50-045-OO-X 50mm res AUTO RESTART
957801140 SG2-50-060-OO-X 50mm res AUTO RESTART
957801150 SG2-50-075-OO-X 50mm res AUTO RESTART
957801160 SG2-50-090-OO-X 50mm res AUTO RESTART
957801170 SG2-50-105-OO-X 50mm res AUTO RESTART
957801180 SG2-50-120-OO-X 50mm res AUTO RESTART
957801190 SG2-50-135-OO-X 50mm res AUTO RESTART
957801200 SG2-50-150-OO-X 50mm res AUTO RESTART
957801210 SG2-50-165-OO-X 50mm res AUTO RESTART
957801220 SG2-50-180-OO-X 50mm res AUTO RESTAR
957801460 SG2-50-030-OO-E-C 50mm res EDM Coded
957801470 SG2-50-045-OO-E-C 50mm res EDM Coded
957801480 SG2-50-060-OO-E-C 50mm res EDM Coded
957801490 SG2-50-075-OO-E-C 50mm res EDM Coded
957801500 SG2-50-090-OO-E-C 50mm res EDM Coded
957801510 SG2-50-105-OO-E-C 50mm res EDM Coded
957801520 SG2-50-120-OO-E-C 50mm res EDM Coded
957801530 SG2-50-135-OO-E-C 50mm res EDM Coded
957801540 SG2-50-150-OO-E-C 50mm res EDM Coded
957801550 SG2-50-165-OO-E-C 50mm res EDM Coded
957801560 SG2-50-180-OO-E-C 50mm res EDM Coded

SG2-90 Family

957801230 SG2-90-030-OO-X 90mm res AUTO RESTART
957801240 SG2-90-045-OO-X 90mm res AUTO RESTART
957801250 SG2-90-060-OO-X 90mm res AUTO RESTART
957801260 SG2-90-075-OO-X 90mm res AUTO RESTART
957801270 SG2-90-090-OO-X 90mm res AUTO RESTART
957801280 SG2-90-105-OO-X 90mm res AUTO RESTART
957801290 SG2-90-120-OO-X 90mm res AUTO RESTART
957801300 SG2-90-135-OO-X 90mm res AUTO RESTART
957801310 SG2-90-150-OO-X 90mm res AUTO RESTART
957801320 SG2-90-165-OO-X 90mm res AUTO RESTART
957801330 SG2-90-180-OO-X 90mm res AUTO RESTART
957801570 SG2-90-030-OO-E-C 90mm res EDM Coded
957801580 SG2-90-045-OO-E-C 90mm res EDM Coded
957801590 SG2-90-060-OO-E-C 90mm res EDM Coded
957801600 SG2-90-075-OO-E-C 90mm res EDM Coded
957801610 SG2-90-090-OO-E-C 90mm res EDM Coded
957801620 SG2-90-105-OO-E-C 90mm res EDM Coded
957801630 SG2-90-120-OO-E-C 90mm res EDM Coded
957801640 SG2-90-135-OO-E-C 90mm res EDM Coded
957801650 SG2-90-150-OO-E-C 90mm res EDM Coded
957801660 SG2-90-165-OO-E-C 90mm res EDM Coded
957801670 SG2-90-180-OO-E-C 90mm res EDM Coded
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