The full line of sensors from Diamond Technologies gives your control system the eyes and ears it needs to keep your logistics or industrial equipment running smoothly and safely.  With a broad range of photoelectric, inductive, ultrasonic, measurement and safety sensors, we provide solutions for all of your sensing needs.

To detect ferrous metal objects at short distances (up to 20mm), our inductive proximity sensors are typically the simplest to apply.  For non-metal solid objects or items that are further away, photoelectric sensors often do the best job.

Our measurement and ultrasonic sensors are optimized for sensing sizes, shapes/profiles, spacing, liquid levels and hard-to-detect materials.  Our safety sensor line is designed for machine guarding and access control to help protect your operators from machine hazards.

The seasoned automation engineers at Diamond Technologies can review your application and help you select the right products to build a sensing solution that meets your performance requirements at the lowest possible cost.  You can count on their extensive industry expertise to help you find a successful solution for even the most challenging applications.  Call us today at (866) 837-1931.

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  • Photoelectric

    Diamond Technologies provides the widest range of photoelectric sensors

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    Diamond Technologies offers a broad range of sensors including inductive proximity sensors

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    Diamond Technologies utilizes a variety of measurement sensors, selecting the best technology

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  • Safety

    Diamond Technologies offers a complete line of type 2 and type 4 safety light curtains

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    With a full range of accessories, we can optimize your Sensor system

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