The BIS U series UHF or Ultra High Frequency RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) provides one of the most reliable and flexible tools to get visibility into your supply chain and manufacturing process. Because BIS U technology is passive, no expensive battery based tags are required. With the BIS U, non-contact read/write ranges as high as 6 meters can be achieved. BIS U RFID can not only be used with low cost paper tags, but also industrially hardened long life metal mount container tags and even high temperature tags.


  • Real-time visibility for logistics and manufacturing
  • Unlike bar codes, UHF does not require “line-of-sight”
  • No batteries needed for long range transmission and lower cost


  • Supports standard EPC Gen 2 tags
  • RS232 Serial or Ethernet TCP/IP interface option
  • Up to four antennas can be used on one controller



Part Number Product Type Model
BIS00R1 Processor BIS U-6027-060-114-06-ST27
BIS00R2 Processor BIS U-6020-059-114-00-ST26
BIS00YY Processor BIS U-626-069-111-06-ST32
BIS00YZ Processor BIS U-626-069-111-06-ST31
BIS00Z2 Processor BIS U-620-068-111-00-ST29
BIS00Z3 Processor BIS U-620-068-111-00-S115
BIS00Z6 Processor BIS U-620-067-111-04-ST30
BIS00Z7 Processor BIS U-620-067-111-04-S92
BIS00ZU Processor BIS U-6028-048-104-06-ST28

Handheld Programmers

Part Number Product Type Model
BAE00EE Handheld Programmer BIS U-870-1-008-X-000
BAE00J8 Handheld Programmer BIS U-870-1-008-X-001


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