Industrial RFID Systems


RFID solutions enable you to advance your business to a new level of efficiency by providing greater visibility into operations.  RFID can allow you to monitor your products as they move from raw materials, to production, finished goods, and inventory.   Using RFID real-time tracking information you’ll always know, where your critical business assets are, what stage of manufacturing a product is in, or where your critical medical products are currently stored.   RFID allows for both reading and writing of information in real-time non-contact.  This allows you to add information to a product as it is processed through your facility.  No direct line of sight is needed and our solutions span all frequencies from LF to UHF.

Diamond Technologies industrial RFID systems offer flexible, data communication. They are fast, robust, and suitable for both commercial, and industrial environments.  Diamond Technologies provides RFID readers, antennas, Tags, and the expertise to ensure you have the correct solution for your application.

Industrial Identification Brochure

Machine Tool Identification Brochure

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  • Low Frequency RFID

    Low Frequency, or LF, spans the range of 58-148.5 kHz.  Low frequency allows the user to utilize low cost tags and readers with short read range.  It also allows for transmission through thin metals and liquids.

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    High Frequency RFID

    High Frequency, or HF, spans from 1.75-13.56 MHz.  High frequency is often used for proximity applications, including building access, public transportation, product assembly, product tracking, and for logistics.

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    Ultra High Frequency

    Ultra High Frequency, of UHF, spans the 433, 840-960 MHz and the 2.4 GHz range.  UHF readers provide solutions to a broad range of applications from distribution and logistics to medical asset tracking and medical product storage.

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