Product Description

tn_UV LASE ImageThe extra cavity technology of the UV-LASE allows high efficiency conversion of the LBO nonlinear crystal.   It also allows for compactness of the laser source.

The UV-LASE combines unique features such as air cooling, standard compact design, continuous and precise power control and low power consumption with the advantages of the short UV wavelength. Performing ‘so called’ cold marking, the UV Lase allows damage-free marking and micro-processing on demanding materials such as glass, non–doped plastics, coatings, and others.

The UV-LASE is available both in Marking as well as in OEM configurations.

Features & Benefits

  • Based on the state-of-the-art V-Lase platform
    • Integrated advanced diagnostics
    • Easy connectivity
  • Air cooled industrial compact design for:
    • Highest industrial grade reliability
    • Long life running
    • Unmatched MTBF
    • Easy integration and maintenance
  • Optimized for marking and processing applications
    • Excellent beam quality and roundness
    • New RF FPK methodology for fast marking
    • Highly configurable customizable


Part Number Description
985111501 VLASE 303A-1830 DPSS UV System 3W with F-103 TELECENTRIC
985111500 VLASE 303A-1030 DPSS UV System 3W w/out F
985111600 VLASE 303A-0000 DPSS UV Source 3W
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