786 Series

786 Series Transducer Modules


Our 786 line of transducer modules is designed to provide reliable and cost effective isolation and signal translation from 0-10V, 0-20mA, and 4-20mA signals.  The series plugs into our standard DIN Rail based terminal blocks.  This reduces wiring time and ensures reliable connections with many wiring options. Isolation voltage input to output is 4KV.


Part Number Description
786-301 ACS SEP 0-10V/0-10V/2xUB
786-302 ACS SEP 0-10V/0-20MA/2xUB
786-303 ACS SEP 0-10V/4-20MA/2xUB
786-304 ACS SEP 0-20MA/0-10V/2XUB
786-305 ACS SEP 0-20MA/0-20MA/2XUB
786-306 ACS SEP 0-20MA/4-20MA/2XUB
786-307 ACS SEP 4-20MA/0-10V/2XUB
786-308 ACS SEP 4-20MA/0-20MA/2XUB
786-323 ACS ISO 0-10V/4-20MA/2XUB
786-325 ACS MODULE 0-20MA/0-20MA/2XUB
786-326 ACS MODULE   0-20MA/4-20MA/2XUB/WANDL.
786-338 ACS MODULE 4-20MA/0-20MA/1XUB
786-339 ACS ISO 4-20MA/4-20MA/1XUB


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