Industrial Networking Wireless

Industrial Networking – Wireless

Enabling your industrial devices to communicate wirelessly with each other or a LAN infrastructure is now easier than ever, with the help of Diamond Technologies.

We specialize in industrial networking with a focus on manufacturing and indoor/outdoor warehouse systems, providing our customers an efficient means to collect and distribute real-time data on product and material flow, maintenance needs and system configuration.

The connectBlue® wireless-enabling modules provided by Diamond Technologies offer you superior performance in range, data capacity, latency and durability.  These self-contained or embedded components replace Ethernet or serial cables to give you a reliable, maintenance-free Bluetooth or wireless LAN connection.

For quickest connection in end-user applications, choose our ready-to-use, self-contained units.  OEMs typically prefer our embedded modules for faster commissioning and simplified setup for their customers.

When it’s time to get connected, great products are only half the story.  To optimize performance, you also need talented engineers who are skilled in wireless networking implementation.  The experts at Diamond Technologies can support you with a wireless site survey and hands-on services to install and configure your device connections for a robust, secure wireless network.

OEMs can also rely on our design engineers for integration services to embed our modules into your products, speeding your time to market and allowing your design team to focus on their own specialties.

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