Anybus-IC is a family of completely interchangeable modules for industrial networks. It is optimized for field devices, where small size and multiple network connectivity are important. Anybus-IC contains all electronic components and software necessary to implement a full featured industrial communication interface. Everything is integrated into a single board solution that fits perfectly into a standard DIL32 chip socket consuming only 9 cm² in size.  The Anybus-IC is ideal for industrial automation devices where size, connector flexibility and simplicity are the decisive factors. Anybus-IC’s are designed to work with or without a host micro-processor.


  • Very small and flexible
  • Contains all analog and digital components
  • Supports both fieldbus and industrial Ethernet

With its small size, low power consumption and the flexibility to function with or without a host microprocessor, the Anybus-IC is the perfect fit for the communication requirements of small to medium automation devices. With just one in-design, you get connectivity to both fieldbus and industrial Ethernet networks without the need for complicated hardware or software changes in your automation device.


Part Number Model Description
AB6000 ABIC-PDP Profibus-DP Anybus-IC
AB6001 ABIC-DEV DeviceNet Anybus-IC
AB6003 ABIC-EIP EtherNet/IP & Modbus-TCP Anybus-IC
AB6004 ABIC-COP CANopen Anybus-IC
AB6005 ABIC-PRT Profinet RT Anybus-IC
017499 ABIC-EVB Anybus-IC Evaluation Board
017504 PDP-SIM Profibus-DP Master Simulator
018410 DEV-SIM DeviceNet Master Simulator
017509 DEV-SCK DeviceNet Master Simulator Cable Kit
019920 COP-SIM CANopen Master Simulator


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