Digital Input and Output Modules

DIOModuleOur Digital Input and Output Modules provide a very broad set of solutions for OEM equipment builders and end users.   The I/O is available in the 750 series as typically 12mm wide modules supporting Sinking and Sourcing formats.   767 series are IP67 format with M12 and M8 connections for enclosure-less mounting.  We provide Digital I/O in as small as 2 channels per module up to 16 channels per module.  This modularity allows the user to use just what they need thus reducing cost.

Digital I/O can be DC or AC input/output with input values ranging from 5VDC to 230V AC.  Terminal block connections, Ribbon cable connection, and sealed M12 and M8 connections are also all available.

Diamond has significant technical expertise in specifying, installing and commissioning I/O systems and can provide assistance to ensure your project is successful.


750-400 2 CHAN IN 24VDC 3.0MS
750-400/025-000 2DI 24V DC 3,0ms/T
750-401 2 CHAN IN 24VDC 0.2MS
750-402 4 CHAN IN 24VDC 3.0MS
750-402/025-000 4DI 24V DC 3,0ms/T
750-403 4 CHAN IN 24VDC 0.2MS
750-405 2 CHAN IN 230VAC
750-406 2 CHAN IN 120 VAC
750-407 4 CHAN IN 220VDC
750-408 4 CHAN IN 24VDC 3.0MS
750-408/025-000 4 CHAN IN 24VDC 3.0MS LS-SWITCHING/T
750-409 4 CHAN IN 24VDC .2MS
750-410 2 CH IN 24VDC 3.0mS (2-WIRE PROX.)
750-411 2 CH IN 24VDC .2mS (2-WIRE PROX.)
750-415 4 CHAN DIG. IN 24AV AC/DC
750-418 2 CH IN 24VDC 3.0mS w/DIA & ACKNOWL
750-419 2 CHAN INPUT 24VDC, 3.0MS, W/DIAG.
750-421 2DI 24V 3.0MS/DIAGN.
750-423 4DI 24V AC/DC 50MS
750-427 2 CHAN IN, 110VDC
750-428 4DI 42V AC/DC 20MS
750-428 4DI 42V AC/DC 20MS
750-430 8 CHAN IN 24VDC 3.0MS
750-430/025-000 8DI 24V DC 3,0ms/T
750-431 8 CHAN IN 24 VDC 0.2MS
750-432 4DI 24V DC 3.0MS/ 2-WIRE
750-433 4DI 24V DC 0.2MS/ 2-WIRE
750-435 1DI NAMUR EX I
750-436 8DI 24V DC 3.0ms/Low-Side-Switch
750-437 8DI 24V DC 0.2ms/Low-Side-Switch
750-438 2DI NAMUR EX I
750-439 8DI NAMUR EX I
750-1400 16DI 24V DC 3.0MS RIBBON CABLE
750-1402 16DI 24V DC 3.0MS RIBBON CABLE/ LSS
750-1405 16DI 24V DC 3,0ms
750-1406 16DI 24VDC 0.2ms
750-1407 16DI 24V DC 3,0ms/LSS
750-1415 8DI 24vdc 3.0ms
750-1416 8DI 24vdc 0.2ms
750-1417 8 DI 24vdc LSS
750-1418 8DI 24V DC 0.2ms/ 2-wire/LSS
750-1420 4DI 24v DC 3.0ms/ 3-wire
750-1421 4DI 24v DC 0.2ms/ 3-wire
750-1422 4DI 24v DC 3.0ms LSS
750-1423 4DI 24V DC 0.2ms/3-wire/LSS
750-501 2 CHAN OUT 24VDC 0.5A
750-501/00-800 2DO 24V DC 0,5A/R
750-502 2CH OUT 24VDC 2.0A
750-502/000-800 2CH OUT 24VDC.2.0A/R
750-504 4 CHAN OUT 24VDC 0.5A
750-504/000-800 4DO 24V DC 0.5A/R
750-504/025-000 4DO 24V DC 0,5A/T
750-506 2 CHAN OUT 24VDC 0.5A W/D
750-506/000-800 2DO 24V DC 0,5A DIAGNOSE/R
750-508/000-800 24V 2.0A OUTPUT W/DIAGNOSTICS
750-509 2 CHAN OUT 240VAC 0.3A SS
750-512 2 CHAN OUT RELAY 2A 230VAC
750-513/000-001 2 CHAN OUT RELAY NO ISO w/o PJC’s
750-516 4 CHAN OUT 24VDC 0.5A (SINKING)
750-517 2 CH OUT 230 VAC, 1.0A, SPDT.
750-522 2 CHAN OUT 230VAC 3A SOL.ST.
750-523 1 CHAN OUT, 230VAC, 16A
750-530 8 CHAN OUT 24VDC 0.5A
750-530/025-000 8DO 24V DC 0,5A/T
750-531 4DO 24V DC 0.5A/2-WIRE
750-531/000-800 4DO 24V DC 0.5A/2-WIRE
750-532 4DO 24V DC 0.5A, w/ Diagnostic
750-534 8DO 12V DC 1A
750-534 8DO 12V DC 1A
750-535 2DO 24V DC EX I
750-536 8DO 24V DC 0.5A/Low-side-Switch
750-537 8DO 24V DC 0.5A/Diagn.
750-538 2DO RELAY EX I
750-1500 16DO 24V DC 0.5A Ribbon Cable
750-1501 16DO 24V DC 0.5A RIBBON CABLE/ LSS
750-1502 8DI / 8DO 24V DC 0.5A Ribbon Cable
750-1504 16DO 24V DC 0,5A
750-1505 16DO 24V DC 0,5A/LSS
750-1506 8DI/8DO 24V DC 0,5A
750-1515 8 DO 24 V DC 0.5a
750-1516 8 DO 24 V DC 0.5a LSS
753-150 CODING KEY
753-400 2DI 24V DC 3,0ms
753-401 2DI 24V DC 0,2ms
753-402 4DI 24V DC 3,0ms
753-403 4DI 24V DC 0,2ms
753-404 Up/Down Counter
753-404/000-003 FREQUENCY COUNTER 0.1-100kHz
753-405 2DI 230V AC
753-406 2DI 120V AC
753-408 4DI 24V DC 3,0ms Neg.
753-409 4DI 24V DC 0,2ms Neg.
753-410 2DI 24V DC 3,0ms Proxi Sensor
753-411 2DI 24V DC 0,2ms Proxi Sensor
753-415 4DI 24V AC/DC 20ms
753-418 2DI 24V DC 3,0ms/Diagn./Acknol.
753-421 2DI 24V DC 3.0MS/DIAGN/ACKNOL
753-423 4DI 24V AC/DC 50ms
753-427 2DI 110V DC
753-430 8DI 24V DC 3,0ms
753-431 8DI 24V DC 0,2ms
753-432 4DI 24V DC, 3,0ms
753-433 4DI 24V DC, 0,2ms
753-434 8DI 5V/12V DC 0.2ms
753-436 8DI 24V DC 3.0ms/Low-Side-Switch
753-437 8DI 24V DC 0.2MS/Low-Side-Switch
753-440 4DI 120V/230V AC
753-501 2DO 24V DC 0,5A
753-502 2DO 24V DC 2,0A
753-504 4DO 24V DC 0,5A
753-506 2DO 24V DC 0,5A Diagn.
753-508 2DO 24V DC 2.0A/Diagn.
753-509 2DO 230V AC 0,3A Sol. St.
753-512 2DO 250V AC 2,0A Rel.2NO
753-513 2DO 250V AC 2,0A Rel.2NO Pot.-Free
753-514 2DO 125V AC 0,5A Rel.2CO Pot.-Free
753-517 2DO 250V AC 1,0A Rel.2CO Pot.-Free
753-530 8DO 24V DC 0,5A
753-531 4DO 24V DC 0,5A
753-534 8DO 12V DC 1A
753-536 8DO 24V DC 0.5A/Low-Side-Switch
753-540 4DO 230V AC
767-3801 SPDWY 8DI 24V DC (8xM8)
767-3802 SPDWY 8DI 24V DC (4xM12)
767-3803 8DI 24V DC LS SWITCH (8XM8)
767-3805 8DI 24V DC LS SWITCH (8XM12)
767-3806 8DI 24V DC HS SWITCH (4XM12)
767-4801 SPDWY 8DO 24V DC 0,5A (8xM8)
767-4801/000-800 SPDWY 8DO 24V DC 0.5A IF (8xM8)
767-4802 SPDWY 8DO 24V DC 0,5A (4xM12)
767-4802/000-800 SPDWY 8DO 24V DC 0.5A IF (4xM12)
767-4803 SPDWY 8DO 24V DC 2,0A (8xM8)
767-4803/000-800 SPDWY 8DO 24V DC 2.0A IF (8xM8)
767-4804 SPDWY 8DO 24V DC 2,0A (4xM12)
767-4805 8DO 24V DC 0.5A LS SWITCH (8XM8)
767-4806 8DO 24V DC 0.5A LS SWITCH (4XM12)
767-4807 SPWY 8DO 24V DC 0.5A (8xM12)
767-4807/000-800  SPWY 8DO 24V DC 0.5A IF (8xM12)
767-4808 8DO 24V DC 0.1A HS (4XM12)
767-5401 4DIO 24V DC 0.2A HS (4XM12)
767-5801 8DIO 24V DC 0.5A (8xM8)
767-5802 8DIO 24V DC 0.5A (4xM12)
767-5803 8DIO 24V DC 0.5A (8xM12)


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