Perspecto 762 Series Control Panel

p762The Perspecto 762 Series Control Panel is a full Codesys programmable operator Panel and WAGO IO buscoupler in one package.  This allows OEMs and end users the ability to program their operator panel in the same programming language as their I/O controller.  This significantly reduces programming time, reduces system complexity, and makes support of the system easier.

The Perspecto 762 Series Control Panel comes in varying sizes from 3.5” to 15”, which allows the Perspecto system to fit into many varying application requirements.   The panels include features such as touch screen, Ethernet connectivity, ARM and Intel based processors, Micro SD card and CF card, and up to 16 million colors.


762-3035/000-001 3.5″ Perspecto Panel
762-3057/000-001 5.7″ Perspecto Panel
762-3104/000-001 10.4″ Perspecto Panel
762-3121/000-001 12.1″ Perspecto Panel
762-3150/000-001 15″ Perspecto Panel
762-3150/000-003 15″ Perspecto Panel
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