DT7000 Programmable I/O

DT7000 Programmable Gateway I/O


The DT7000 family of Gateway I/O modules provides Digital Input, Digital Output, Analog Input, Analog Output, multiple serial channels, Ethernet, and support for all major Fieldbus networks. The DT7000 programmable gateway I/O allows OEM equipment suppliers to easily bridge multiple serial devices into a machines Fieldbus network and easily add additional programmable I/O onto the Fieldbus network.

The DT7000 supports full C programming. This allows the module to act as a controller running user programmed logic. Supported Fieldbus networks include EtherCAT, CANopen, Modbus TCP/IP, Ethernet IP, Profibus, Profinet, DeviceNet, Bluetooth. The DT7000 includes a user configuration menu allowing for serial ports to be configured as Modbus Master or Slave or as a generic serial port. Applications include semiconductor equipment, Automatic Guided vehicles, High reliability power systems, Packaging machines, Industrial measurement and weighing equipment, assembly machines.

The DT7000 can also operate as an embedded web server providing a window into a remote machine or process. This allows for remote diagnostics and control.


Starter Kits Part number
DT7000 Starter Kit, including DT7000 I/O Network Gateway, (4) RS232/RS485 interface ports, HD I/O board including 8 DI Sinking, 8 DO Sinking, 8 Analog input, 4 Analog output, 0-10V, C Programmable, burn in/test, Cabling including DIO, AIO, Diag, RS232, RS485 cabling, User documentation DT7000-STKIT10


Serial / Ethernet
Digital I/O
(8 in, 8 out)
Analog I/O
A – 4 Serial Channels (RS232 or RS485)
0 – Sinking Inputs and Outputs
TCP – Modbus TCP
(8 in, 4 out)
blank – None
B – 4 Serial Channels (RS232 only)
1 – Sourcing Inputs and Outputs
RTU – Modbus RTU
A – 0-10 VDC
001 – Terminal Blocks (Up to 96 I/Os)
C – 4 Serial Channels (RS232 or Isolated RS485)
x – Custom configuration
PNT – Profinet
B – 0-5 VDC
EM – Enclosure, metal
D – 2 Serial Channels (RS232 only)
PB – Profibus
C – 0-20 mA
EMD – Enclosure, metal, DIN rail mtg
E – Ethernet plus 3 Serial Channels (1- RS232, 2-RS232/485)
EIP – EtherNet IP
BT – Wireless, Bluetooth
Q – Custom, please contact the factory
ECT – EtherCat
WF – Wireless, Wifi
DN – DeviceNet
9xx – Custom
CNT – ControlNet
blank – None


DT7000A1-PB-A: DT7000 with 4 serial channels, 16 sourcing inputs/outputs, Profibus support with 12 analog  inputs/outputs (0-10VDC)   

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