Barcode Readers

Barcode Reading Solutions

With a barcode reading system from Diamond Technologies, your workers and equipment can capture information quickly and

Fixed Position Readers in Warehouse Applications

Fixed Position Readers in Warehouse Applications

accurately for smooth flow of transactions, manufacturing steps or material through your facility.

Careful selection of the proper barcode reading products for your environment and application is essential for optimizing performance, reliability, return on investment and total cost of ownership.  Our in-house experts understand the selection considerations and can help you find the best  system for your business needs.

Our engineers have optimized solutions for OEMs and end users in countless applications and industries.  Use their expertise to:

  • increase throughput through your warehouse or lab
  • improve productivity for your mobile workers
  • reduce errors in shipping, packaging and inventory
  • increase traceability of products or samples through manufacturing or testing processes
  • reduce human error in data entry
  • improve ergonomics for workers
  • solve problems with hard-to-read codes such as direct part marking, stacked, pdf and Matrix
  • meet requirements for item unique ID (IUID)DatalogicEQPlogo
  • comply with NDC barcode requirements

Diamond Technologies is one of the largest providers in North America of Datalogic barcode products and has been awarded with Datalogic Automation’s coveted Elite Quality Partner status.  This standing is granted to only a select few organizations in recognition of high levels of expertise and service as well as a deep understanding of the business environment.

  • Hand Held Barcode Readers

    Hand Held Barcode reading solutions, wired and wireless for various applications and industries

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    Fixed Position Barcode Readers

    Fixed Position Barcode Reading solutions for manufacturing, warehouse, kiosk, medical machines, packaging applications

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    Portable Barcode Terminals

    Portable Barcode Terminal solutions, for asset management, inventory control, field service workers, etc.

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  • OEM Machine Barcode Solutions

    Embedded Barcode readers for medical diagnostic machines, automation equipment, kiosks

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