Specialized Hardware & Software Design

Hardware and Software Design

Sometimes even great products need a little tweak for the perfect fit to your application.  Sometimes you need something special to meet a customer request.  The right customizations and software can help you get the best performance from your equipment, optimizing your return on investment and total cost of ownership.

From proof of principle to completed installation, you can count on Diamond Technologies for full engineering service and support at each step along the way.

Specializing in embedded control and I/O, data collection and industrial networking, our engineers can extend your team’s abilities right when you need it, giving your organization the agility to get your products to market faster without the financial burden of additional permanent staff.

Our experienced software group can help you get up and running with software we design and develop specifically for your application.  Our specialties include:

  • test stand software
  • embedded firmware
  • applications for most major industrial networks including PROFIBUS®, DeviceNetTM, EtherNet/IPTM, Modbus TCP, CANopen®, Modbus RTU, ControlNetTM, Modbus PlusTM, Bluetooth® and wireless LAN[
  • relational databases
  • warehouse data collection and automation software
  • hand held mobile applications
  • development requiring C, C++, VB, .Net, JAVA, HTML, XML, SQL and other languages

The hardware engineering group at Diamond Technologies gets end users the specialized equipment they need with minimal impact on their operations and internal engineering teams.  We also help OEMS save time and money on design through our many hardware services including:

  • new product development per your requirements and objectives
  • custom cables, product housings and mounting hardware
  • integration services for our embedded control modules
  • integration services for our embedded industrial networking modules
  • hardware schematic design
  • PCB layout, board fabrication and final assembly
  • on-site engineering assistance

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