DataVS1 Vision Sensor

The Datalogic DataVS1 vision sensor series is the easiest solution for machine vision applications. The setup does not require a PCtn_DataVS1 and it is very quick and intuitive thanks to the VSC external configurator with 3.5″ color display. The sensor set-up is carried-out through three simple steps: region of interest definition, control type selection and parameter adjustments. DataVS1 is able to carry-out many different kinds of inspections such as presence/absence verification, position, object counting and OCV.

Features & Benefits

  • The vision sensor can be easily configured through the VSC monitor without the need of a PC.
  • The DataVS1 compact dimensions allow it to be installed in extremely narrow spaces.
  • The VGA resolution guarantees high quality images thus allowing the inspection of the smallest details.
  • The wide range of tools allows one model to solve many different inspections.


  • Part presence verification
  • Object counting
  • Gauging
  • Quality inspection
  • Optical character verification (OCV)

Available Models

DataVS1 Series
959941000 DataVS1-08-DC-K vision sensor 8mm lens VSCconfigurator DataVS-VSC conn.C
959941010 DataVS1-06-DC-S Vision sensor, 6mm lens, configurator connection
959941020 DataVS1-08-DC-S Vision sensor, 8mm lens, configurator connection
959941030 DataVS1-12-DC-S Vision sensor, 12mm lens, configurator connection
959941050 DataVS1-16-DC-S Vision sensor, 16mm lens, configurator connection
Accessories, DataVS-Series
VSC Remote Configurator for DataVS1
959941040 DataVS1-VSC vision sensor configurator
DataVS, Power & I/O Cables
95A255430 Cable, PWR & I/O, DataVS, CV-A1-36-B-03 8 pin shielded cable 3 Meter
95A255440 Cable, PWR & I/O, DataVS, CV-A1-36-B-05 8 pin shielded cable 5 Meter
95A255450 Cable, PWR & I/O, DataVS, CV-A1-36-B-10 8 pin shielded cable 10 Meter
DataVS2 / VSM, Ethernet Cables
95A901340 Cable, Ethernet, DataVS2, DataVS-CV-RJ45C-03 ethernet cable 3m crossed
95A901350 Cable, Ethernet, DataVS2, DataVS-CV-RJ45D-03 ethernet cable 3m straight
VSM Monitor, Power Cables
95A252790 Cable, PWR, VSM, CV-A1-32-B-03 M12 4pin shielded cable 3 Meter
95A252800 Cable, PWR, VSM, CV-A1-32-B-05 M12 4pin shielded cable 5 Meter
DataVS2 to VSM Monitor Cables
95A901700 Cable, DataVS-CV-VSM-02 connection cable 2 Meter
95A901710 Cable, DataVS-CV-VSM-04 connection cable 4 Meter
DataVS, Mounting Brackets
95A901320 DATAVS-ST-5068 L-shaped mounting bracket for 90° mounting
95A901330 DATAVS-ST-5066 U-shaped mounting bracket for angle adjustment
95A901380 DataVS-MK-01 mounting kit
DataVS1, Updating kit
95A901540 DataVS1 UPDATING KIT DataVS1 Updating Kit
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