Axeda Software

Axeda provides the most advanced cloud-based service and software for managing connected products and machines and implementing innovative Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Customers use the Axeda Machine Cloud™ to turn machine data into useful information, build and run innovative IoT applications and optimize business processes by integrating machine data. 

  • Axeda takes the cost and complexity out of connecting and managing devices and machines and remotely servicing the products of the world’s leading companies.
  • Axeda turns raw machine and sensor data into useful information for business insights and better decision making.
  • Axeda makes it easy to integrate machine and sensor data to business systems so companies can optimize their business processes with accurate real-time machine data.
  • Axeda provides a platform and application services so companies can develop new innovative M2M and IoT applications that reinvent the customer and product experience and differentiate their product and service offerings.


Axeda Ready

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