The Datalogic emitter-receiver photocells have been specifically designed to function with the control units of the SG-BWS series, together they form a safety system of Type 2 or 4 conforming to the EN 954-1 and EN ISO 13849-1 Standards. The family of photocells utilizes infrared emission and has operating range reaching 50m. Defogging models with heated front glass are available for applications where sudden changes of the temperature in the area of the sensor are causing condensation.

All models are equipped with M12 4-pole connector. LEDs signal both the operating status and correct alignment of the safety photocells.

Features & Benefits

  • Wide range: suitable for all the industrial applications
  • Sensor housing in only one structure with fiber loading: to improve housing toughness and guarantee plant reliability
  • Excellent operating distance: to guarantee high application flexibility
  • Defogging system: to avoid lens condensation and to improve both the reliability and process production of the plant


  • Automatic warehouses
  • Machines for food packaging
  • Robots
  • Automatic assembling lines

S5-SG-ST2 Family

Ordering Codes Description
952051870 S5-5-G8-62-SG-ST2 EMITTER 10/30VDC
952051890 S5-5-F8-92-SG-ST2 RECEIVER 10/30VDC
952051870 S5-5-G8-62-SG-ST2 EMITTER, 10/30Vdc, Type 2
952051890 S5-5-F8-92-SG-ST2 RECEIVER, 10/30Vdc. Type 2

S5-SG-ST4 Family

Ordering Codes Description
952051910 S5-5-G8-62-SG-ST4 EMITTER 10/30VDC
952051930 S5-5-F8-92-SG-ST4 RECEIVER 10/30VDC

SL5-SG-ST4 Family

Ordering Codes Description
952501160 SL5-5-G-82-SG-ST4 LASER EMI 40m M12
952501170 SL5-5-F-92-SG-ST4 REC 40m PNP LIGHT M12

S300-SG-St2 Family

Ordering Codes Description
951451320 S300-PR-5-G00-EX-SG-ST2
951451330 S300-PR-5-G00-EX-M-SG-ST2
951451340 S300-PR-5-f00-OC-SG-ST2
951451350 S300-PR-5-f00-OC-M-SG-ST2

S300-SG-ST2 Family

Ordering Codes Description
951451360 S300-PR-5-G00-EX-SG-ST4
951451370 S300-PR-5-G00-EX-M-SG-ST4
951451380 S300-PR-5-f00-OC-SG-ST4
951451390 S300-PR-5-f00-OC-M-SG-ST4
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