Tubular Photoelectrictn_S10

The Datalogic tubular series is a wide photoelectric sensor line offering through beam, proximity and retro-reflective polarized optic functions, available with both LED and laser emission models, radial and axial optics, 2m cable or M12 4-pole connection in plastic housing. Available in DC version offering excellent solutions for all industrial applications, presenting a flat plastic housing with 2 fixing holes to guarantee excellent mounting flexibility.

Features & Benefits

  • Wide range: suitable for all the industrial applications
  • Laser models: high detection repeatability for a precise reading
  • Cable or M12 4-pole connection: flexible connection to meet customer applications
  • Axial or radial optics: adaptability to the mechanical part of the plant


  • Automatic machines
  • Packaging lines
  • Transportation lines
  • Ceramics working machines
  • Automatic warehouses

S50 Family

Ordering Codes Description
952001000 S50-PA-5-M03-PP bgd-supp pnp no-nc M12
952001010 S50-PA-2-B01-PP rrx-pol pnp no-nc cable
952001020 S50-PA-5-B01-PP rrx-pol pnp no-nc M12
952001030 S50-PR-2-B01-PP rrx-pol pnp no-nc cable
952001040 S50-PR-5-B01-PP rrx-pol pnp no-nc M12
952001050 S50-PA-2-C01-PP dif-prox pnp no-nc cable
952001060 S50-PA-5-C01-PP dif-prox pnp no-nc M12
952001070 S50-PR-2-C01-PP dif-prox pnp no-nc cab
952001080 S50-PR-5-C01-PP dif-prox pnp no-nc M12
952001090 S50-PA-2-D00-PP foc-prox pnp no-nc cable
952001100 S50-PA-5-D00-PP foc-prox pnp no-nc M12
952001110 S50-PR-2-D00-PP foc-prox pnp no-nc
952001120 S50-PR-5-D00-PP foc-prox pnp no-nc M12
952001130 S50-PA-2-E01-PP opt-fibr pnp no-nc cable
952001140 S50-PA-5-E01-PP opt-fibr pnp no-nc M12
952001150 S50-PA-2-F01-PP receiver pnp no-nc cable
952001160 S50-PA-5-F01-PP receiver pnp no-nc M12
952001170 S50-PR-2-F01-PP rec.pnp no-nc cab
952001180 S50-PR-5-F01-PP receiver pnp no-nc M12
952001190 S50-PA-2-G00-XG emitter cable
952001200 S50-PA-5-G00-XG emitter M12
952001210 S50-PR-2-G00-XG emitter cable
952001220 S50-PR-5-G00-XG emitter M12
952001230 S50-PA-2-M03-PP bgd-supp pnp no-nc cable
952001240 S50-PA-2-C10-PP dif-prox pnp no-nc cable
952001250 S50-PA-5-C10-PP dif-prox pnp no-nc M12
952001260 S50-PA-2-T01-PP rrx-tran pnp no-nc cable
952001270 S50-PA-5-T01-PP rrx-tran pnp no-nc M12
952001280 S50-PR-2-T01-PP rrx-tran pnp no-nc cb
952001290 S50-PR-5-T01-PP rrx-tran pnp no-nc M12
952001300 S50-PA-2-U03-PP luminesc pnp no-nc cable
952001310 S50-PA-5-U03-PP luminesc pnp no-nc M12
952001320 S50-PA-2-W03-PP contrast pnp no-nc cable
952001330 S50-PA-5-W03-PP contrast pnp no-nc M12
952001360 S50-PL-2-B01-PP rrx-pol pnp no-nc cable
952001370 S50-PL-5-B01-PP rrx-pol pnp no-nc M12
952001380 S50-PL-2-C01-PP dif-prox pnp no-nc cable
952001390 S50-PL-5-C01-PP dif-prox pnp no-nc M12
952001400 S50-PL-2-F01-PP receiver pnp no-nc cable
952001410 S50-PL-5-F01-PP receiver pnp no-nc M12
952001420 S50-PL-2-G00-XG emitter cable
952001430 S50-PL-5-G00-XG emitter M12
952001480 S50-PR-5-C10-PP dif-prox pno no-nc M12
952001490 S50-PR-2-C10-PP dif-prox pno no-nc cb
952001500 S50-PA-5-B01-NN rrx-pol npn no-nc M12
952001510 S50-PA-5-C01-NN dif-prox npn no-nc M12
952001520 S50-PA-5-C10-NN dif-prox npn no-nc M12
952001530 S50-PA-5-D00-NN foc-prox npn no-nc M12
952001540 S50-PA-5-E01-NN opt-fibr npn no-nc M12
952001550 S50-PA-5-F01-NN receiver npn no-nc M12
952001560 S50-PA-5-M03-NN bgd-supp npn no-nc M12
952001580 S50-PA-5-T01-NN rrx-tran npn no-nc M12
952001590 S50-PA-5-U03-NN luminesc npn no-nc M12
952001600 S50-PA-5-W03-NN contrast npn no-nc M12
952001610 S50-PA-2-B01-NN rrx-pol npn no-nc cable
952001620 S50-PA-2-C01-NN dif-prox npn no-nc cable
952001630 S50-PA-2-C10-NN dif-prox npn no-nc cable
952001640 S50-PA-2-D00-NN foc-prox npn no-nc cable
952001650 S50-PA-2-E01-NN opt-fibr npn no-nc cable
952001660 S50-PA-2-F01-NN receiver npn no-nc cable
952001670 S50-PA-2-M03-NN bgd-supp npn no-nc cable
952001690 S50-PA-2-T01-NN rrx-tran npn no-nc cable
952001700 S50-PA-2-U03-NN luminesc npn no-nc cable
952001710 S50-PA-2-W03-NN contrast npn no-nc cable
952001720 S50-PR-5-B01-NN rrx-pol npn no-nc M12
952001730 S50-PR-5-C01-NN dif-prox npn no-nc M12
952001740 S50-PR-5-C10-NN dif-prox npn no-nc M12
952001750 S50-PR-5-D00-NN foc-prox npn no-nc M12
952001760 S50-PR-5-F01-NN receiver npn no-nc M12
952001770 S50-PR-5-T01-NN rrx-tran npn no-nc M12
952001780 S50-PR-2-B01-NN rrx-pol npn no-nc cb
952001790 S50-PR-2-C01-NN dif-prox npn no-nc cb
952001800 S50-PR-2-C10-NN dif-prox npn no-nc cb
952001810 S50-PR-2-D00-NN foc-prox npn no-nc cb
952001820 S50-PR-2-F01-NN receiver npn no-nc cb
952001830 S50-PR-2-T01-NN rrx-tran npn no-nc cb
952001840 S50-PL-5-B01-NN rrx-pol npn no-nc M12
952001850 S50-PL-5-C01-NN dif-prox npn no-nc M12
952001860 S50-PL-5-F01-NN receiver npn no-nc M12
952001870 S50-PL-2-B01-NN rrx-pol npn no-nc cable
952001880 S50-PL-2-C01-NN dif-prox npn no-nc cable
952001890 S50-PL-2-F01-NN receiver npn no-nc cable
952001900 S50-PS-2-M03-NN bgd-supp npn no-nc cable
952001910 S50-PS-2-M03-PP bgd-supp pnp no-nc cable
952001920 S50-PS-5-M03-NN bgd-supp npn no-nc M12
952001930 S50-PS-5-M03-PP bgd-supp pnp no-nc M12
952001940 S50-PH-2-B01-PP rrx-pol pnp no-nc cable
952001950 S50-PH-2-B01-NN rrx-pol npn no-nc cable
952001960 S50-PH-5-B01-PP rrx-pol pnp no-nc M12
952001970 S50-PH-5-B01-NN rrx-pol npn no-nc M12
952001980 S50-PH-2-C01-PP dif-prox pnp no-nc cable
952001990 S50-PH-2-C01-NN dif-prox npn no-nc cable
952002000 S50-PH-5-C01-PP dif-prox pnp no-nc M12
952002010 S50-PH-5-C01-NN dif-prox npn no-nc M12
952002020 S50-PH-2-F01-PP receiver pnp no-nc cable
952002030 S50-PH-2-F01-NN receiver npn no-nc cable
952002040 S50-PH-5-F01-PP receiver pnp no-nc M12
952002050 S50-PH-5-F01-NN receiver npn no-nc M12
952002060 S50-PH-2-G00-XG emitter cable
952002070 S50-PH-5-G00-XG emitter M12
952002080 S50-PA-2-A00-PP rrx pnp no-nc cable
952002090 S50-PA-2-A00-NN rrx npn no-nc cable
952002100 S50-PA-5-A00-PP rrx pnp no-nc M12
952002110 S50-PA-5-A00-NN rrx npn no-nc M12
952002160 S50-PA-2-C21-PP dif-prox pnp no-nc cable
952002170 S50-PA-2-C21-NN dif-prox npn no-nc cable
952002180 S50-PA-5-C21-PP dif-prox pnp no-nc M12
952002190 S50-PA-5-C21-NN dif-prox npn no-nc M12

S51 Family

Ordering Codes Description
952701001 S51-PA-2-A00-PK rrx pnp-no cable
952701011 S51-PA-2-B01-PK rrx-pol pnp-no cable
952701021 S51-PA-2-C01-PK dif-prox pnp-no cable
952701031 S51-PA-2-C10-PK dif-prox pnp-no cable
952701051 S51-PA-2-F00-PK receiver pnp-no cable
952701061 S51-PA-2-G00-XG emitter cable
952701071 S51-PA-2-A00-NK rrx npn-no cable
952701081 S51-PA-2-B01-NK rrx-pol npn-no cable
952701091 S51-PA-2-C01-NK dif-prox npn-no cable
952701101 S51-PA-2-C10-NK dif-prox npn-no cable
952701121 S51-PA-2-F00-NK receiver npn-no cable
952701131 S51-PR-2-A00-PK rrx pnp-no cable
952701141 S51-PR-2-B01-PK rrx-pol pnp-no cable
952701151 S51-PR-2-C01-PK dif-prox pnp-no cable
952701161 S51-PR-2-C10-PK dif-prox pnp-no cable
952701181 S51-PR-2-F00-PK receiver pnp-no cable
952701191 S51-PR-2-G00-XG emitter cable
952701201 S51-PR-2-A00-NK rrx npn-no cable
952701211 S51-PR-2-B01-NK rrx-pol npn-no cable
952701221 S51-PR-2-C01-NK dif-prox npn-no cable
952701231 S51-PR-2-C10-NK dif-prox npn-no cable
952701251 S51-PR-2-F00-NK receiver npn-no cable
952701261 S51-PA-5-A00-PK rrx pnp-no M12
952701271 S51-PA-5-B01-PK rrx-pol pnp-no M12
952701281 S51-PA-5-C01-PK dif-prox pnp-no M12
952701291 S51-PA-5-C10-PK dif-prox pnp-no M12
952701311 S51-PA-5-F00-PK receiver pnp-no M12
952701321 S51-PA-5-G00-XG emitter M12
952701331 S51-PA-5-A00-NK rrx npn-no M12
952701341 S51-PA-5-B01-NK rrx-pol npn-no M12
952701351 S51-PA-5-C01-NK dif-prox npn-no M12
952701361 S51-PA-5-C10-NK dif-prox npn-no M12
952701381 S51-PA-5-F00-NK receiver npn-no M12
952701391 S51-PR-5-A00-PK rrx pnp-no M12
952701401 S51-PR-5-B01-PK rrx-pol pnp-no M12
952701411 S51-PR-5-C01-PK dif-prox pnp-no M12
952701421 S51-PR-5-C10-PK dif-prox pnp-no M12
952701441 S51-PR-5-F00-PK receiver pnp-no M12
952701451 S51-PR-5-G00-XG emitter M12
952701461 S51-PR-5-A00-NK rrx npn-no M12
952701471 S51-PR-5-B01-NK rrx-pol npn-no M12
952701481 S51-PR-5-C01-NK dif-prox npn-no M12
952701491 S51-PR-5-C10-NK dif-prox npn-no M12
952701511 S51-PR-5-F00-NK receiver npn-no M12
952701521 S51-MA-5-C10-PK DIF-PROX PNP-NO M12
952701531 S51-MA-5-A00-PK RRX PNP-NO M12
952701541 S51-MA-2-A00-PK rrx pnp-no cable
952701551 S51-MA-2-B01-PK rrx-pol pnp-no cable
952701561 S51-MA-2-C01-PK dif-prox pnp-no cable
952701571 S51-MA-2-C10-PK dif-prox pnp-no cable
952701581 S51-MA-2-F00-PK receiver pnp-no cable
952701591 S51-MA-2-G00-XG emitter cable
952701601 S51-MA-2-A00-NK rrx npn-no cable
952701611 S51-MA-2-B01-NK rrx-pol npn-no cable
952701621 S51-MA-2-C01-NK dif-prox npn-no cable
952701631 S51-MA-2-C10-NK dif-prox npn-no cable
952701641 S51-MA-2-F00-NK receiver npn-no cable
952701651 S51-MR-2-A00-PK rrx pnp-no cable
952701661 S51-MR-2-B01-PK rrx-pol pnp-no cable
952701671 S51-MR-2-C01-PK dif-prox pnp-no cable
952701681 S51-MR-2-C10-PK dif-prox pnp-no cable
952701691 S51-MR-2-F00-PK receiver pnp-no cable
952701701 S51-MR-2-G00-XG emitter cable
952701711 S51-MR-2-A00-NK rrx npn-no cable
952701721 S51-MR-2-B01-NK rrx-pol npn-no cable
952701731 S51-MR-2-C01-NK dif-prox npn-no cable
952701741 S51-MR-2-C10-NK dif-prox npn-no cable
952701751 S51-MR-2-F00-NK receiver npn-no cable
952701761 S51-MA-5-B01-PK rrx-pol pnp-no M12
952701771 S51-MA-5-C01-PK dif-prox pnp-no M12
952701781 S51-MA-5-F00-PK receiver pnp-no M12
952701791 S51-MA-5-G00-XG emitter M12
952701801 S51-MA-5-A00-NK rrx npn-no M12
952701811 S51-MA-5-B01-NK rrx-pol npn-no M12
952701821 S51-MA-5-C01-NK dif-prox npn-no M12
952701831 S51-MA-5-C10-NK dif-prox npn-no M12
952701841 S51-MA-5-F00-NK receiver npn-no M12
952701851 S51-MR-5-A00-PK rrx pnp-no M12
952701861 S51-MR-5-B01-PK rrx-pol pnp-no M12
952701871 S51-MR-5-C01-PK dif-prox pnp-no M12
952701881 S51-MR-5-C10-PK dif-prox pnp-no M12
952701891 S51-MR-5-F00-PK receiver pnp-no M12
952701901 S51-MR-5-G00-XG emitter M12
952701911 S51-MR-5-A00-NK rrx npn-no M12
952701921 S51-MR-5-B01-NK rrx-pol npn-no M12
952701931 S51-MR-5-C01-NK dif-prox npn-no M12
952701941 S51-MR-5-C10-NK dif-prox npn-no M12
952701951 S51-MR-5-F00-NK receiver npn-no M12
952701961 S51-MA-5-C20-PK PROX-NAR-BEAM PNP-NO M12

S5 Family

Ordering Codes Models
952051640 S5-5-C60-30
952051650 S5-5-C60-32
952051680 S5-5-T1-30
952051690 S5-5-T1-32
G5110000 S5-1-G8-00 EMITTER 15/264VAC
G5110005 S5-1-G8-05 EMITTER 15/264VAC
G5110110 S5-1-F8-10 RECEIVER 15/264VAC
G5110120 S5-1-F8-20 RECEIVER 15/264VAC
G5110210 S5-1-A2-10 RRX 15/264VAC
G5110215 S5-1-A2-15 RRX 15/264VAC
G5110220 S5-1-A2-20 RRX 15/264VAC
G5110225 S5-1-A2-25 RRX 15/264VAC
G5110410 S5-1-D15-10 FF.PROX 15/264VAC
G5110420 S5-1-D15-20 FF.PROX 15/264VAC
952051940 S5-5-D50-92 FF.PROX 50MM M12 PNP NO
G5110510 S5-1-C8-10 PROX 15/264VAC
G5110515 S5-1-C8-15 PROX 15/264VAC
G5110520 S5-1-C8-20 PROX 15/264VAC
G5110525 S5-1-C8-25 PROX 15/264VAC
G5110610 S5-1-C30-10 PROX 15/264VAC
G5110615 S5-1-C30-15 PROX 15/264VAC
G5110620 S5-1-C30-20 PROX 15/264VAC
G5110625 S5-1-C30-25 PROX 15/264VAC
G5210000 S5-5-G12-00 EMITTER 10/30VDC
G5210002 S5-5-G12-02 EMITTER 10/30VDC
G5210005 S5-5-G8-05 EMITTER 10/30VDC
G5210007 S5-5-G8-07 EMITTER 10/30VDC
G5210130 S5-5-F12-30 RECEIVER 10/30VDC
G5210132 S5-5-F12-32 RECEIVER 10/30VDC
G5210135 S5-5-F8-35 RECEIVER 10/30VDC
G5210137 S5-5-F8-37 RECEIVER 10/30VDC
G5210230 S5-5-A4-30 RRX 10/30VDC
G5210232 S5-5-A4-32 RRX 10/30VDC
G5210235 S5-5-A4-35 RRX 10/30VDC
G5210237 S5-5-A4-37 RRX 10/30VDC
G5210262 S5-5-A4-62 RRX 10/30VDC
G5210282 S5-5-A4-82 RRX 10/30VDC
G5210430 S5-5-D15-30 FF.PROX 10/30VDC
G5210432 S5-5-D15-32 FF.PROX 10/30VDC
G5210435 S5-5-D15-35 FF.PROX 10/30VDC
G5210437 S5-5-D15-37 FF.PROX M12 10/30VDC
G5210530 S5-5-C10-30 PROX 10/30VDC
G5210532 S5-5-C10-32 PROX 10/30VDC
G5210535 S5-5-C10-35 PROX 10/30VDC
G5210537 S5-5-C10-37 PROX 10/30VDC
G5210630 S5-5-C35-30 PROX 10/30VDC
G5210632 S5-5-C35-32 PROX 10/30VDC
G5210635 S5-5-C35-35 PROX 10/30VDC
G5210637 S5-5-C35-37 PROX 10/30VDC
G5210692 S5-5-C35-92 PROX 10/30VDC
G5210730 S5-5-B3-30 RRX.POL 10/30VDC
G5210732 S5-5-B3-32 RRX.POL 10/30VDC
G5210735 S5-5-B3-35 RRX.POL 10/30VDC
G5210737 S5-5-B3-37 RRX.POL 10/30VDC
G5210830 S5-5-E1-30 R.P.FO. 10/30VDC
G5210832 S5-5-E1-32 R.P.FO. 10/30VDC
G5210972 S5-5-L2-72 FF.PROX 10/30VDC
G5210992 S5-5-L2-92 FF.PROX 10/30VDC

S15 Family

Ordering Codes Description
952301450 S15-NA-5-A01-NK RRX NPN M12
952301370 S15-NA-5-A01-PK RRX PNP M12
952301460 S15-NA-5-B01-NK RRX POL NPN M12
952301380 S15-NA-5-B01-PK RRX POL PNP M12
952301480 S15-NA-5-C11-NK PROX MID NPN M12
952301400 S15-NA-5-C11-PK PROX MID PNP M12
952301490 S15-NA-5-C31-NK PROX LONG NPN M12
952301410 S15-NA-5-C31-PK PROX LONG PNP M12
952301510 S15-NA-5-F01-NK RECEIVER NPN M12
952301430 S15-NA-5-F01-PK RECEIVER PNP M12
952301440 S15-NA-5-G01-XG EMITTER M12
952301500 S15-NA-5-M01-NK BGS NPN M12
952301420 S15-NA-5-M01-PK BGS PNP M12
952301470 S15-NA-5-T01-NK RRX TRANS NPN M12
952301390 S15-NA-5-T01-PK RRX TRANS PNP M12
952301051 S15-PA-2-A00-NK RRX NPN CABLE
952301001 S15-PA-2-A00-PK RRX PNP CABLE
952301061 S15-PA-2-B00-NK RRX POL NPN CABLE
952301011 S15-PA-2-B00-PK RRX POL PNP CABLE
952301071 S15-PA-2-C00-NK PROX SHORT NPN CABLE
952301021 S15-PA-2-C00-PK PROX SHORT PNP CABLE
952301081 S15-PA-2-C10-NK PROX LONG NPN CABLE
952301031 S15-PA-2-C10-PK PROX LONG PNP CABLE
952301530 S15-PA-2-D50-NK PROX FIXED NPN CABLE
952301520 S15-PA-2-D50-PK PROX FIXED PNP CABLE
952301091 S15-PA-2-F00-NK RECEIVER NPN CABLE
952301041 S15-PA-2-F00-PK RECEIVER PNP CABLE
952301101 S15-PA-2-G00-XG EMITTER CABLE
952301161 S15-PA-3-A00-NK RRX NPN PIGTAIL M12
952301111 S15-PA-3-A00-PK RRX PNP PIGTAIL M12
952301171 S15-PA-3-B00-NK RRX POL NPN PIGTAIL M12
952301121 S15-PA-3-B00-PK RRX POL PNP PIGTAIL M12
952301181 S15-PA-3-C00-NK PROX SHORT NPN PIGTAIL M12
952301131 S15-PA-3-C00-PK PROX SHORT PNP PIGTAIL M12
952301191 S15-PA-3-C10-NK PROX LONG NPN PIGTAIL M12
952301141 S15-PA-3-C10-PK PROX LONG PNP PIGTAIL M12
952301550 S15-PA-3-D50-NK PROX FIXED NPN PIGTAIL M12
952301540 S15-PA-3-D50-PK PROX FIXED PNP PIGTAIL M12
952301201 S15-PA-3-F00-NK RECEIVER NPN PIGTAIL M12
952301151 S15-PA-3-F00-PK RECEIVER PNP PIGTAIL M12
952301211 S15-PA-3-G00-XG EMITTER PIGTAIL M12
952301300 S15-PA-5-A01-NK RRX NPN M12
952301220 S15-PA-5-A01-PK RRX PNP M12
952301310 S15-PA-5-B01-NK RRX POL NPN M12
952301230 S15-PA-5-B01-PK RRX POL PNP M12
952301330 S15-PA-5-C11-NK PROX MID NPN M12
952301250 S15-PA-5-C11-PK PROX MID PNP M12
952301340 S15-PA-5-C31-NK PROX LONG NPN M12
952301260 S15-PA-5-C31-PK PROX LONG PNP M12
952301360 S15-PA-5-F01-NK RECEIVER NPN M12
952301280 S15-PA-5-F01-PK RECEIVER PNP M12
952301290 S15-PA-5-G01-XG EMITTER M12
952301350 S15-PA-5-M01-NK BGS NPN M12
952301270 S15-PA-5-M01-PK BGS PNP M12
952301320 S15-PA-5-T01-NK RRX TRANS NPN M12
952301240 S15-PA-5-T01-PK RRX TRANS PNP M12

SL5 Family

Ordering Codes Description
952501000 SL5-5-C-92 PROX 35cm PNP LIGHT M12
952501010 SL5-5-B-82 RRX POL12m PNP DARK M12
952501020 SL5-5-F-82 RECEIV.60m PNP DARK M12
952501030 SL5-5-G-82 LASER EMITTER60m M12
952501050 SL5-5-F-92 LASER RECEI.60m PNP LIGHT M12
952501080 SL5-5-B-92 RRX POL12m PNP LIGHT M12
952501090 SL5-5-C-82 LASER PROX 35cm PNP DARK M12
952501130 SL5-5-F-92-ST4 REC 40m PNP LIGHT M12
952501140 SL5-5-G-82-ST4 LASER EMI 40m M12
952501150 SL5-5-G-83-ST4 LASER CLASSE 2
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