Specialty Photoelectrictn_SR21

Specialty sensors address specific applications, ensuring the use of a sensor designed to provide an ideal solutions for the application. This portfolio includes sensors for:

Label detection (slot sensors)

Color sensors

Area sensors for part detection

Luminescence sensors for fluorescent detection


These products have been developed to satisfy to requirements of the following reference applications:

  • Packaging lines
  • Sorting
  • Wood working machines
  • Glass working machines
  • Automotive


Label (Slot) Sensors

Ordering Codes Description
953161000 SR23-2-IR-PH
953161020 SR23-2-IR-NH
953161010 SR23-5-IR-PH
953161030 SR23-5-IR-NH
953151070 SR21-IR M8 NPN/PNP
953151080 SR21-RG M8 NPN/PNP
953101100 SR 22-5-IR-OD
953101110 SR 22-5-IR-OL
95B020050 SRF-30-5-P SLOT SENSOR 30mm M8 PNP
95B020060 SRF-50-5-P SLOT SENSOR 50mm M8 PNP
95B020070 SRF-80-5-P SLOT SENSOR 80mm M8 PNP
95B020080 SRF-120-5-P SLOT SENSOR 120mm M8 PNP
95B020090 SRF-30-5-N SLOT SENSOR 30mm M8 NPN
95B020100 SRF-50-5-N SLOT SENSOR 50mm M8 NPN
95B020110 SRF-80-5-N SLOT SENSOR 80mm M8 NPN
95B020120 SRF-120-5-N SLOT SENSOR 120mm M8 NPN
95B020130 SRF-L-30-5-P SLOT. SENS.LASER 30MM M8 PNP
95B020140 SRF-L-50-5-P SLOT. SENS.LASER 50MM M8 PNP
95B020150 SRF-L-80-5-P SLOT. SENS.LASER 80MM M8 PNP
95B020160 SRF-L-120-5-P SLOT. SE.LASER 120MM M8 PNP

Color sensors

Ordering Codes Description
956251000 S65-PA-5-V09-PPPZ colour RS485 M12
956251010 S65-PA-5-V09-NNNZ colour RS485 M12
956251020 S65-PA-5-V09-PPP colour pnp out M12
956251030 S65-PA-5-V09-NNN colour npn out M12
956251080 S65-PA-5-V19-PPPZ colour RS485 M12
956251090 S65-PA-5-V19-NNNZ colour RS485 M12
956251100 S65-PA-5-V19-PPP colour pnp out M12
956251110 S65-PA-5-V19-NNN colour npn out M12

Area Sensors

Ordering Codes Description
958101000 AS1-LD-HR-010-J D 2m RES 0.5mm H 100mm
958101010 AS1-LD-SR-010-J D 2m RES 5mm H 100mm
958101020 AS1-HD-HR-010-J D 3m RES 0.5mm H 100mm
958101030 AS1-HD-SR-010-J D 3m RES 5mm H 100mm
958101040 AS1-LD-HR-010-P D 2m HIGH R H 100mm ADJ
958101050 AS1-LD-SR-010-P D 2m LOW R H 100mm ADJ

Luminescence Sensors

Ordering Codes Description
955201000 LD46-UL-715 10-20MM V-SPOT M12-5 NPN/PNP
955201010 LD46-UL-755 20-40MM V-SPOT M12-5 NPN/PNP
955201020 LD46-UL-735 30-50MM V-SPOT M12-5 NPN/PNP
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