Light Array

Light Array Sensorstn_DS1

The Light Array series are compact multi-beam light grids suitable for the detection and measurement of objects with different shapes and dimensions. Different models are available various control height, up to 4 mm resolution and operating distance reaching 4 m. Versions with trimmer adjustment are also available. The electronics is fully integrated and so no external drivers are required.


This product series has been developed to satisfy to requirements of the following reference applications:

  • Object dimension measurement
  • Shape or profile detection
  • Positioning, spacing, centering, stacking
  • Edge guiding
  • Object counting

DS1 Family

Ordering Codes Description
957701120 DS1-LD-HR-010-JV LONG D HIGH RE H=100mm
957701130 DS1-LD-SR-010-JV LONG D STD RES H=100mm
957701140 DS1-LD-HR-015-JV LONG D HIGH RE H=150mm
957701150 DS1-LD-SR-015-JV LONG D STD RES H=150mm
957701160 DS1-LD-SR-030-JV LONG D STD RES H=300mm
957701170 DS1-SD-SR-010-JV SHORT D HIGH RE H=100mm
957701180 DS1-SD-SR-015-JV SHORT D HIGH RE H=150mm
957701190 DS1-SD-SR-030-JV SHORT D STD RES H=300mm
957701200 DS1-SD-HR-010-JV SHORT D STD RES H=100mm
957701210 DS1-SD-HR-015-JV SHORT D STD RES H=150mm
957701220 DS1-HD-SR-010-JV HIGH D STD RES H=100mm
957701230 DS1-HD-SR-015-JV HIGH D STD RES H=150mm
957701240 DS1-HD-SR-030-JV HIGH D STD RES H=300mm
957701250 DS1-LD-SR-010-PV EXT LOW R H=100mm ADJ
957701260 DS1-LD-SR-015-PV EXT LOW R H=150mm ADJ
957701270 DS1-LD-SR-030-PV EXT LOW R H=300mm ADJ

DS2 family

Ordering Codes Description
957501000 DS2-05-07-060-JV LD HIGH RES H=600mm
957501010 DS2-05-07-090-JV LD HIGH RES H=900mm
957501020 DS2-05-07-120-JV LD HIGH RES H=1200mm
957501030 DS2-05-07-165-JV LD HIGH RES H=1650mm
957501040 DS2-05-07-015-JV LD HIGH RES H=150mm
957501050 DS2-05-07-030-JV LD HIGH RES H=300mm
957501060 DS2-05-07-045-JV LD HIGH RES H=450mm
957501070 DS2-05-07-075-JV LD HIGH RES H=750mm
957501080 DS2-05-07-105-JV LD HIGH RES H=1050mm
957501090 DS2-05-07-135-JV LD HIGH RES H=1350mm
957501100 DS2-05-07-150-JV LD HIGH RES H=1500mm
957501110 DS2-05-25-045-JV 25mm RES H=450mm
957501120 DS2-05-25-075-JV 25mm RES H=750mm
957501130 DS2-05-25-090-JV 25mm RES H=900mm
957501140 DS2-05-25-060-JV 25mm RES H=600mm
957501150 DS2-05-07-060-JE ETH HIGH RES H=600mm
957501160 DS2-05-07-075-JE ETH HIGH RES H=750mm
957501170 DS2-05-07-090-JE ETH HIGH RES H=900mm
957501180 DS2-05-07-120-JE ETH HIGH RES H=1200mm
957501190 DS2-05-07-150-JE ETH HIGH RES H=1500mm
957501200 DS2-05-07-165-JE ETH HIGH RES H=1650mm

DS3 Family

Ordering Codes Description
957600100 DS3-SD-015 short distance
957600110 DS3-SD-030 short distance
957600120 DS3-LD-015 long distance
957600140 DS3-LD-030 long distance
957600150 DS3-SD-045 SHORT DISTANCE H=450mm
957600160 DS3-LD-045 LONG DISTANCE H=450mm
957600170 DS3-SD-060 SHORT DISTANCE H=600mm
957600180 DS3-LD-060 LONG DISTANCE H=600mm

S65-Z Family

Ordering Codes Description
956251040 S65-PA-5-Z03-PPI line 4-20mA M12
956251050 S65-PA-5-Z03-NNI line 4-20mA M12
956251060 S65-PA-5-Z03-PPIZ line 4-20mA RS485 M12
956251070 S65-PA-5-Z03-NNIZ line 4-20mA RS485 M12
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