Rectangular Inductive

Rectangular InductiveIF

The Inductive sensors of the  8×8 Square line are made in a rectangular 8×8 mm housing, available in version with cable or M8 connector, for  easier mounting in a sturdy nickel-plated brass housing. The Inductive sensors of the 40×40 Square line are made utilizing  plastic PBT housing materials. They are versatile and flexible for various applications in the machinery thanks to the connector rotatable in any direction, allowing to have the cable always directed in the desired direction. Inside the sensor are present the wiring terminals, accessible by removing pressure plates to self-lifting. The sensor head is adjustable in 5 different positions for easy adaptation to any application.

Features & Benefits

  • PBT (resin) or Nickel-plated Brass housing
  • Operating distance: 1.5 … 15 mm
  • 40×40 mm or 8×8 mm active face dimension
  • Connections type: Cable, M8 connector or Terminal Block
  • Connections: 2 or 3 wires
  • Outputs: PNP, PNP/NPN, NO, NC, NO/NC
  • IP67 protection


  • Automatic machines
  • Packaging lines
  • Transportation lines
  • Automatic warehouses
  • Automotive


Ordering Codes Description


95B065330 IS-40-C11-S3 DC SQUARE 40x40mm 4-20mA analog output
95B065240 IS-40-W5-03 40X40 FLUSH PNP NO-NC 2MT
95B065230 IS-40-W6-03 40X40 FLUSH NPN NO-NC 2MT
95B065250 IS-40-W7-03 40X40 FLUSH 2 WIRES NO 2MT
95B065260 IS-40-W8-03 40X40 FLUSH 2 WIRES NC 2MT
95B065320 IS-40-X5-S2 40X40 FLUSH SHORT PNP NO-NC 2MT
95B065310 IS-40-X6-S2 40X40 FLUSH SHORT NPN NO-NC 2MT
95B065280 IS-40-Y5-03 40X40 NON FLUSH PNP NO-NC 2MT
95B065270 IS-40-Y6-03 40X40 NON FLUSH NPN NO-NC 2MT
95B065290 IS-40-Y7-03 40X40 NON FLUSH 2 WIRES NO 2M
95B065300 IS-40-Y8-03 40X40 NON FLUSH 2 WIRES NC 2M


95B060840 IS-88-Q1-S1 SQUARE FLUSH PNP NO M8
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