AC Inductive

AC InductiveIF

The sensors of the Inductive AC line are used as control devices for alternating current loads such as relays, contactors or solenoid valves. The solid-state output allows the use of proximity switches directly on the line in series with a proper load. These proximity switches admit a supply voltage between 20-250 Vac. Available with a diameter of 12, 18 or 30 mm with M12  3-pole connector connected to ground.

Features & Benefits

  • Nickel-plated Brass housing
  • Standard housing length
  • Operating distance: 2 … 10 mm
  • Housing diameters: M12, M18, M30
  • Connections type: 2 m cable or M12 connector
  • Power supply: 20-250 Vac (50,60 Hz)
  • Connections: 2 or 3 wires
  • Outputs: NO
  • IP67 protection


  • Packaging lines
  • Transportation lines
  • Automatic warehouses
  • Automotive
Ordering Codes Description


95B060680 IS-12-A15-03 Ø12 FLUSH VAC NO 2MT
95B060690 IS-12-A15-S2 Ø12 FLUSH VAC NO M12


95B060770 IS-18-A15-03 Ø18 FLUSH VAC NO 2MT
95B060780 IS-18-A15-S2 Ø18 FLUSH VAC NO M12


95B060810 IS-30-A15-03 Ø30 FLUSH VAC NO 2MT
95B060820 IS-30-A15-S2 Ø30 FLUSH VAC NO M1
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