Diamond Technologies offers a wide range of connectors able to complete the offer of sensors and proximity switches. Different cable lengths, axial or radial models and PVC or PUR materials are available.

Ordering Codes


95A251200 CS-A2-01-G-03 3 poles 90° 3m gray
95A251210 CS-A2-01-G-05 3 poles 90° 5m gray
95A251220 CS-A2-01-G-07 3 poles 90° 7m gray
95A251230 CS-A2-01-G-10 3 poles 90° 10m gray
95A251240 CS-A2-02-G-05 4 poles 90° 5m gray
95A251245 CS-A2-02-G-07 4 poles 90° 7m gray
95A251260 CS-A2-02-G-10 4 poles 90° 10m gray
95A251270 CS-A1-02-G-05 4 poles straight 5m gray
95A251280 CS-A1-02-G-07 4 poles straight 7m gray
95A251290 CS-A1-01-G-03 3 poles straight 3m gray
95A251300 CS-A1-01-G-05 3 poles straight 5m gray
95A251310 CS-A2-11-G-05 3 poles 90° + LED 5m gray
95A251320 CS-A1-01-G-07 3 poles straight 7m gray
95A251330 CS-A2-11-G-10 3 poles 90° + LED 10m gray
95A251340 CS-A1-01-G-10 3 poles straight 10m gray
95A251350 CS-A2-12-G-05 4 poles 90° + LED 5m gray
95A251360 CS-A2-02-G-03 4 poles 90° 3m gray
95A251370 CS-A2-12-G-10 4 poles 90° + LED 10m gray
95A251380 CS-A1-02-G-03 4 poles straight 3m gray
95A251390 CS-A1-02-G-10 4 poles straight 10m gray
95A251400 CS-A2-12-G-03 4 poles 90° + LED 3m gray
95A251420 CS-B1-02-G-03 4 poles M8 3m gray
95A251430 CS-B1-02-G-05 4 poles M8 5m gray
95A251440 CS-B1-02-G-07 4 poles M8 7m gray
95A251450 CS-B2-02-G-03 4 poles M8 90° 3m gray
95A251460 CS-B2-02-G-05 4 poles M8 90° 5m gray
95A251470 CS-B2-02-G-07 4 poles M8 90° 7m gray
95A251480 CS-B1-02-G-10 4 poles M8 10m gray
95A251490 CS-B1-01-G-03 3 poles M8 3m gray
95A251500 CS-B2-01-G-03 3 poles M8 90° 3m gray
95A251510 CS-B1-01-G-05 3 poles M8 5m gray
95A251520 CS-B2-01-G-05 3 poles M8 90° 5m gray
95A251530 CS-B2-02-G-10 4 poles M8 90° 10m gray
95ACC1480 CV-A1-22-B-03 SE 4pin CABLE 3m
95ACC1490 CV-A1-22-B-05 SE 4pin CABLE 5m
95ACC1500 CV-A1-22-B-10 SE 4pin CABLE 10m
95ACC1510 CV-A1-26-B-03 SE 8pin CABLE 3m
95ACC1520 CV-A1-26-B-05 SE 8pin CABLE 5m
95ACC1530 CV-A1-26-B-10 SE 8pin CABLE 10m
95ACC1540 CV-A2-22-B-03 SE 4pin 90° CABLE 3m
95ACC1550 CV-A2-22-B-05 SE 4pin 90° CABLE 5m BLACK
95ACC1560 CV-A2-22-B-10 SE 4pin 90° CABLE 10m
95ACC1600 CV-A2-26-B-03 SE 8pin 90° CABLE 3m
95ACC1610 CV-A2-26-B-05 SE 8pin 90° CABLE 5m BLACK
95ACC1620 CV-A2-26-B-10 SE 8pin 90° CABLE 10m
95ACC2060 CV-A1-21-G-10 M12 3pin CABLE 10m (cv-14)
95ACC2070 CV-A1-22-B-15 SE 4pin CABLE 15m
95ACC2080 CV-A1-26-B-15 SE 8pin CABLE 15m
95ACC2090 CV-A1-22-B-25 SE 4pin CABLE 25m
95ACC2100 CV-A1-26-B-25 SE 8pin CABLE 25m
95ACC2110 CS-A1-03-G-03 5 poles straight 3m gray
95ACC2120 CS-A1-03-G-05 5 poles straight 5m gray
95ACC2140 CS-A1-03-G-10 5 poles straight 10m gray
95ACC2230 CS-A1-06-B-03 M12 8 poli 3m nero
95ACC2240 CS-A1-06-B-05 M12 8 poli 5m nero
95ACC2250 CS-A1-06-B-10 M12 8 poli 10m nero
95ACC2440 CV-A1-23-B-005-2F SE 5pin CABLE 0,5m
95ACC2450 CV-A1-23-B-01-2F SE 5pin CABLE 1m
95ACC2550 CS-A1-06-B-NC M12 8 POLES FEMALE PG9
95ACC2560 CV-Y1-02-B-007 M12 4-pole T Muting cable
95ACC2570 CV-L1-02-B-007 M12 4-pole L Muting cable
95ACC2600 CV-Y2-02-G-0007 4 pins. M12 Ext Muting driver
G5085002 CS-A1-02-B-NC M12 4 POLES FEMALE
G5085003 CS-A2-02-B-NC M12 90° 4 POLES FEMALE
95ASE1120 CS-A1-02-U-03 M12 4-pole unsh. axial 3 m conn. UL2464
95ASE1130 CS-A1-02-U-05 M12 4-poles unsh. axial 5 m conn. UL 2464
95ASE1140 CS-A1-02-U-10 M12 4-poles unsh.axial 10m conn. UL 2464
95ASE1150 CS-A1-02-U-15 M12 4-poles unsh. axial 15m conn.UL 2464
95ASE1160 CS-A1-02-U-25 M12 4-poles unsh.axial 25 m conn.UL 2464
95ASE1170 CS-A1-03-U-03 M12 5-poles unsh.axial 3m conn.UL 2464
95ASE1180 CS-A1-03-U-05 M12 5-poles unsh.axial 5 m conn. UL 2464
95ASE1190 CS-A1-03-U-10 M12 5-poles unsh.axial 10m conn. UL 2464
95ASE1200 CS-A1-03-U-15 M12 5-poles unsh.axial 15m conn.UL2464
95ASE1210 CS-A1-03-U-25 M12 5-poles unsh.axial 25 m conn. UL2464
95ASE1220 CS-A1-06-U-03M12 8-pole unsh.axial 3 m conn. UL2464
95ASE1230 CS-A1-06-U-05 M12 8-pole unsh.axial 5m conn.UL 2464
95ASE1240 CS-A1-06-U-10 M12 8-pole unsh.axial 10m conn. UL 2464
95ASE1250 CS-A1-06-U-15 M12 8-pole unsh. axial 15 m conn. UL2464
95ASE1260 CS-A1-06-U-25 M12 8-pole unsh. axial 25 m conn. UL2464
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