Quick, contact-free data communication is significantly more efficient with the BIS V industrial RFID system. Only the BIS V system has an integrated IO-Link master and four antenna channels that can be configured separately and enable the connection of up to four read/write heads. The BIS V system ensures faster data transmission, short cycle times, and high date security in HF and LF applications.


  • Easy handling – The high performance BIS V offers maximum convenience. Display and status LEDs support ease of use. And through its USB service interface, standard hardware is easy to attach. All connections are easily accessible and completely pluggable.
  • Easy assembly – The compact, EMC-protected metal housing measures just 170 x 60 x 40 mm, can be perfectly integrated, and is easy to assembly. In control cabinets or in the field up to IP 67.


  • Identification of material flow control in industrial production
  • Rail-borne conveyor systems in machine construction
  • Assembly and subassembly lines in the automotive and electrical equipment industries
  • Electrified monorail systems
  • Intra-logistics


  • Powerful and cost-effective: just one processor for four read/write heads
  • Integrated IO-Link master simplifies network topology
  • Convenient status LEDs and display
  • Easy to use: pluggable connections and USB service interface
  • Easy to integrate, compact design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Profibus connection as established means of industrial communication
  • HF function for ISO 14443 and ISO 15693 with automatic detection




Part Number Product Type Model
BIS00T3 Processor BIS V-6102-019-C001
BIS00U9 Processor BIS V-6110-063-C002

Read/Write Heads:

Part Number Product Type Model
BIS00RF Read/write head BIS VM-300-001-S4
BIS00T0 Read/write head BIS VM-301-001-S4
BIS00T2 Read/write head BIS VM-351-001-S4
BIS00T6 Read/write head BIS VM-352-001-S4
BIS00T7 Read/write head BIS VM-306-001-S4
BIS00T8 Read/write head BIS VM-307-001-S4
BIS00T9 Read/write head BIS VM-305-001-S4
BIS00TA Read/write head BIS VM-341-001-S4
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