DTWG for KOHLER Generators Industrial Webserver

DTWG for KOHLER DEC 550/6000 Generator Controllers

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The DTWG for KOHLER® DEC 550/6000 Genetn_DTWGWebserverrator Controllers is an intelligent webserver and communications gateway for remote monitoring and control of the KOHLER DEC 550 and DEC 6000 generator controllers.  The gateway provides various features including web based graphical display of key generator data, display of critical maintenance data, visual indication of critical alarms, status indication of relay driver outputs (RDO’s), Real Time trtn_DTWG_Display2ending, 30 day Historical data collection, Email notifications, and built in FTP server.  Support for standard browsers such as Chrome, IE, or Firefox allow the DTWG to provide managerial and service personnel with key data allowing them to make more intelligent, timely, decisions.

Along with data display and indication the DTWG provides various Generator Configuration and Control capabilities including the ability to start and abort timed generator runs, E-Stop of Generator, and Remote fault reset.  The DTWG supports password configuration, network configuration, and user/location information is also configurable.

A Unique Pass Through feature allows industrial equipment connected to the DTWG to be accessed by multiple devices at the same time.  This allows KOHLER Remote annuciators, SCADA Systems, and building automation systems to easily access the KOHLER Generator controller simultaneously with web based data access.

Features & Benefits

  • Display of real time generator electrical data
  • Display of real time generator engine data
  • Display of critical maintenance data
  • Visual indication of critical alarms
  • Status indication of Relay Driver Outputs (RDOs)
  • Real time trending
  • Display of event history
  • Display of controller system status
  • System password protection
  • Ability to start and abort timed generator run
  • Ability to E-Stop generators
  • Ability to remotely reset faults
  • Configurable display and modification of other controller parameters
  • Configurable email alerts on alarm conditions
  • Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP and Modbus RTU Pass-Through
  • NEMA industrial metal enclosure
  • UL508

Available  Models and Accessories:

Part Number Description
DT7000WG-KH-100 Embedded WebServer Gateway for KOHLER DEC 550/6000 generator controllers
Accessories Description
DTWG-ENC-100 DTWG NEMA 12 industrial wall mount enclosure, w/ latching door w/ keylock, DIN-Rail backpanel, circuit breaker, AC to DC 2.5A power supply, cord grips


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