Product Description

tn_FILOS Front ImageFILOS is the OEM-READY pulsed fiber laser source tailored to a wide range of industrial applications.

With an extended temperature range up to 55°C, high output power, maintenance-free design, and easy-to-integrate I/O interface, FILOS fiber laser source meets industrial standards.  This ensures high reliability and long-life operation at low operational cost.

Features & Benefits

  • 10W, 20W
  • Up to 55° operating temperature
  • High Power & Zero Leakage
  • Fast turn-on time & turn-off time to ensure the highest production throughput
  • Market standard 8 bits TTL interface and mechanical footprint
  • Integrated red aiming beam
  • 24VDC power supply
  • Embedded diagnostic features by RS232 interface


Part Number Description
985070001 FILOS 120P-0000-000 Fiber IR Source 20W Beam diameter 8mm
985070002 FILOS 120C-0000-000 Fiber IR Source 20W Beam diameter 5mm
985070003 FILOS 120G-0000-000 Fiber IR Source 20W Beam diameter 6mm
985070004 FILOS 110G-0000-000 Fiber IR Source 10W Beam diameter 6mm
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