Bluetooth Dual-mode Serial Port Adpater RBS421

Bluetooth Dual-mode Serial Port Adapter RBS421

The Bluetooth Rugged Serial Port Adapter™ 421 is a complete wireless serial cable replacementRSPA333s-02 device. The Serial Port Adapter has embedded Classic Bluetooth stack (SPP, DUN and PAN profiles), Bluetooth low energy stack with connectBlue Low Energy Serial Port Service, serial RS232/422/485 interface, and support for 7 slaves connected at the same time. With its IP65-classed housing, it is built for tough and demanding environments, in-door or out-door. The high receiver sensitivity and output power enables a range of up to 300m.

 Features & Benefits

  • IP65-classed rugged metal housing
  • RS232/422/485 interface
  • Bluetooth v4.0 with Low Energy and Classic Bluetooth
  • Long range of 300m
  • Dual-mode (Bluetooth Smart Ready)
  • Embedded Bluetooth stack (SPP, DUN, PAN)
  • connectBlue Low Energy Serial Port Service
  • GATT support for Bluetooth Smart
  • Wireless Multidrop™ with simultaneous connections to both Bluetooth low energy and Classic Bluetooth devices
  • Extended Data Mode™ separated multipoint data channels
  • Easy configuration by AT commands
  • Radio type approved for Europe, US, Japan and Canada
  • Compliant with EMC, Safety and Medical standards
  • External antenna
  • Industrial operating temperature range -30 to +85°C
  • Custom factory configuration possible

  Available Models:

Part Number Product Description
cB-RBS421s-03-0 Rugged Bluetooth Serial Port Adapter 421s Rugged Serial Port Adapter 421s including mounting brackets and stub antenna
cB-RBS421s-03-A Rugged Bluetooth Serial Port Adapter 421s Complete Kit Includes: cB-RBS421s-03-0 unit with mounting brackets and stub antenna,  Binder 712 power connector, RS232 cable, configuration software for download.
NOTE! Power adapter not included.
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