Bluetooth Embedded

Bluetooth Embedded Modules

Diamond Technologies carries a full line of connectblue Industrial embeddable Bluetooth wireless modules.  These modules are fully certified and pre-tested significantly reducing our customers’ costs and time in implementing a Bluetooth solution.  As an “industrial” solution our modules are designed to be rugged, have greater range, and longer life spans.   This increases our OEM customers ROI.   Our modules support Bluetooth Classic,  Bluetooth Low Energy (LE), as well as a dual mode module supporting both.   All Bluetooth modules use a radio technology working in the free, and world wide available, 2.4 GHz ISM band.

Many of the connectBlue modules share a common form factor and electrical interfaces this allows you to utilize Bluetooth Classic, Bluetooth LE, and even WiFi with a single engineering design.

Diamond Technologies is a member of the Bluetooth SIG and fully supports the connectblue modules from both a commercial and technical standpoint.   We can assist you in designing the modules into your systems or can provide a full turnkey design for your use.   Let us know how we can assist in ensuring your wireless project is successful.


  • Bluetooth Classic Modules

    Bluetooth Classic Modules certified and ready to be embedded

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    Bluetooth Low Energy Modules

    Bluetooth Low Energy Modules certified and ready to be embedded

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    Bluetooth Low Energy Programmable Platform

    Bluetooth Low Energy embedded programmable module includes many features such as Temp Sensor, battery holder and more

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