Industrial Networking Wired

Industrial Networking – Wired

When you need to connect industrial equipment to your plant network or your customer’s network, come to the experts.  Diamond Technologies is one of North America’s largest suppliers of the HMS Anybus® product line, the world’s top brand of 3rd-party products for industrial network connectivity.

Our success is defined by your success.  Our stand-alone, self-contained gateways enable OEMs to commission their equipment in multiple network environments without the need to develop protocols for each customer’s networking requirements, saving valuable engineering effort for both the machine builder and their end users.

Our embedded networking customers enjoy the flexibility of connecting to over 20 fieldbus and industrial Ethernet networks with a single development effort.  Once we integrate an embedded Anybus slot into your automation device, a simple swapout of the interchangeable module in the slot connects that device to any major network without additional hardware or software changes.  Quick, simple, and easy.

Machine builders and end users working under aggressive design schedules gain a major advantage by using our own DT7000 embedded gateways.  The DT7000 gives you the fastest, simplest way to integrate industrial networking into a machine and can dramatically reduce your development time, enabling your engineering team to take on projects that were previously out of reach.

Our PCI, PCMCIA, and embedded master scanner cards by Hilscher and SST serve the most popular networks including PROFIBUS, DeviceNet, CANopen and EtherNet/IP.

Diamond Technologies provides a full range of engineering support and services to get your industrial networking projects up and running.  Our design group specializes in this area, with decades of experience in hardware/firmware design and Windows application development.

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