Q, T, and E Series Temperature Controllers


Our temperature controllers include our Q, T and E series.  All three series of Temperature Controllers are perfectly suited for Packaging systems and process control applications requiring precise and accurate temperature control.  The Q series is characterized by, excellent measurement precision and regulation stability, 9 sensors, 4 control actions, 16 alarms all keyboard configurable, PID action with AT auto tuning and ADT auto adaptive functions, and automatic or manual regulation of the output.

The T series is characterized by, a complete range including basic and advanced control functions, relay output, static output for SSR, 4-20 mA and 0-10 V analog outputs, models with current transformer input and HBA function, as well as models with RS485 serial interface for MODBUS-RTU protocol.   The T series is easy to program as most frequently used configurations can be set with a few keyboard operations.

The E series is characterized by main control output with 1 or 2 auxiliary outputs, PID action with AT auto tuning and ADT auto adaptive function, complete diagnostic of the regular loop, and automatic or manual regulation of the output.


Ordering Codes Q Series Description
974021000 QS-00
974021010 QS-01
974021020 QS-10
974021030 QS-11
974031000 QD-00
974031010 QD-01
974031020 QD-10
974031030 QD-11
Ordering Codes T Series Description
95B030000 TH-TS-00
95B030010 TH-TS-10
95B030020 TH-TS-01
95B030030 TH-TS-11
95B030040 TH-TD-00
95B030050 TH-TD-10
95B030060 TH-TD-01
95B030070 TH-TD-11
95B030080 TH-TD-03
95B030090 TH-TD-13
95B030100 TH-TD-04
95B030110 TH-TD-14
95B030120 TH-TD-00-RS
95B030130 TH-TD-10-RS
95B030140 TH-TD-01-RS
95B030150 TH-TD-11-RS
95B030160 TH-TD-00-HB
95B030170 TH-TD-10-HB
95B030180 TH-TD-01-HB
95B030190 TH-TD-11-HB
Ordering Codes E Series Description
975021000 ES-000
975021010 ES-010
975021020 ES-100
975021030 ES-110
975021060 ES-001
975021070 ES-011
975201110 ES-101
975201120 ES-111
975031000 ED-000
975031010 ED-010
975031020 ED-100
975031030 ED-110
975151070 ED-001
975151080 ED-011
975151120 ED-101
975151130 ED-111


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