DS4800 Series Readers


The DS4800 is a flexible and compact laser scanner built for industrial applications, satisfying all main identification needs of manufacturing plants. The DS4800 features an excellent reading performance, ease of setup thanks to X-PRESS™interface, high-speed ID-NET™communication interface and total immunity against ambient light.
Smart Focus Adjustment optimizes reading performances based on reading distances using a single model.
The DS4800 series includes Subzero models (both Linear and with Oscillating Mirror), extending operating temperature to -35°C +50°C by means of the smart internal heater and de-frost window.

Features & Benefits

  • Variable focus system
  • 600-900scan /sec
  • 2 input + 2 output
  • RS232 + RS485 serial port
  • Display and multi-language messages
  • ID-NET™
  • X-PRESS™
  • 10-30Vdc, IP65, 0-50°C (-35°C-50°C Subzero models)
  • ACR4 decoding algorithm
  • Typical reading range: 200 – 1000mm


  • Automated warehousing
  • Reading on pallets
  • Picking systems
  • Automated shop floor
  • Quality control and parts tracking
  • Reading on forklift trucks
  • Frozen Industry, Temperature Controlled Room applications and  Outdoor Environment

Available Models

Part Number


931061318 DS4800-1000 ADJ FOCUS, LINEAR
931061321 DS4800-1100 ADJ FOCUS, OM
931061322 DS4800-1005 ADJ FOCUS, LINEAR, SUBZERO
931061325 DS4800-1105 ADJ FOCUS, OSC. MIRROR, SUBZERO
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