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Diamond President Paul Tesini meets with Massachusetts Governor Duval Patrick at Advanced Manufacturing Summit, focus of summit was on improving competitiveness of US based manufacturing

Diamond President Paul Tesini meets with Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick at Advanced Manufacturing Summit, focus of summit was on improving competitiveness of US based manufacturing

“We will listen and understand our customers’ needs before proposing solutions. We are

Corporate Headquarters

Corporate Headquarters

confident in our capabilities and reliable to our customers. We are flexible and continually innovate in order to continue to improve our customer’s products, machines, systems, and operations.   We explain to our customers what we can do and then do what we say.   We understand that our customers’ success is our success. ”

Welcome to Diamond Technologies Inc.  Our company was established in 1997 in Maynard, Massachusetts, which is located approximately 45 minutes west of Metro Boston.  We provide solutions to your Business’ Automation, Data Collection, Industrial Networking, and Remote Management challenges.   Our customer base includes Fortune 100, 500, and 1000 companies in many

MIT Forum Cambridge MA

MIT Forum Cambridge MA

diverse industries and applications including Medical and Lab Equipment manufacturers, Warehouse and Distribution, Kiosk Manufaturers, Electrical Power Equipment Manufacturers, Discrete Parts Manufacturing, Semiconductor Processing, Pharmaceutical Applications, Weigh Scale manufacturers, Electrical Power suppliers, Automotive components, Automatically Guided Vehicles and Robotics, Industrial Manufacturers of consumer products,  Government, and Military.   Our customers are OEM Manufacturers, Systems Integrators, and End Users.  Since 1997 our customer base has grown and now includes customers throughout North America and beyond. 

Diamond Technologies is a Distributor, Manufacturer, and Engineering design center.  This allows us to better understand our customers’ technical needs and market demands,  and allows us to meet both delivery and OEM-specific requirements.   Our company has always possessed a very strong engineering focus.   It is this focus and expertise that allows us to tailor our core technologies to meet specific customer requirements and thus allows our customers to gain unique competitive advantages.    This engineering focus also allows us to support our customers who often need to operate 24/7 365 in very high reliability, critical applications.

Medical Design Manufacturing Expo

Medical Design Manufacturing Expo

While our company employs a high percent of engineers, we do not rely simply on our own technical and commercial abilities.Diamond has teamed with Industry leaders in our areas of focus and has built long term partnerships.   These long term partnerships are built on mutual trust and honesty.   We pride ourselves on the relationships we have built and on our in-depth knowledge of our partners’ products and technologies.  This product knowledge coupled with a strong partnership allows us to continue to provide the best possible solutions to our customers and allows us to meet many challenging and diverse application requirements with confidence.   


We appreciate your interest in our solutions and company and look forward to the opportunity to work with you and your organization.




Paul R. Tesini
Diamond Technologies Inc. 


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